Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yogen Früz Offers A Healthy New Way to Enjoy Custom Blended Frozen Yogurt

From Yogen Früz: Good news! Just in time for the end of summer, Yogen Früz (www.yogenfruz.com) – an all natural frozen yogurt that can be found in 20 countries with over 1,100 stores- has opened their first location in San Jose. The store is located at Westfield Oakridge Mall (925 Blossom Hill Road, Ste 1379, San Jose).

Yogen Früz is a healthy alternative to the summer treats and is uber healthy frozen yogurt with probiotics and 0% fat. Yogen Früz leaves the fun to the customer who can custom blend their yogurt with their favorite fruit, then pile on the toppings!
Yogen Früz, a healthy custom blended frozen yogurt, has become one of the world’s most popular frozen yogurts. Available in low-fat vanilla, low-fat chocolate, non-fat vanilla and non-fat no sugar added vanilla, Yogen Früz’s healthy frozen yogurt contains probiotic cultures and 0% fat, which can be blended with a large selection of fresh fruits to satisfy any palate. With a splash of berry, burst of melon and the new Matcha Green Tea + lychee flavor, Yogen Früz can be custom blended into a cup and topped with fruit and sweet crunchy treats or blended into a nutritious fat-free, ice-free dairy or non-dairy smoothie.

Whether someone wants to change their lifestyle and become a healthier individual or just enjoy a tasty frozen dessert or smoothie, Yogen Früz’s active ingredient, probiotic cultures, are an excellent source of protein and calcium thought to boost immune function, help manage lactose intolerance and maintain a healthy digestive system. With added probiotics and several choices of fresh fruit toppings and blends, Yogen Früz offers more than just a delicious treat; each bite provides the body with essential vitamins to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. With its assortment of probiotic frozen yogurt and dairy and non-dairy custom blended smoothies, Yogen Früz provides consumers with not only great tasting flavors but healthy alternatives to other frozen yogurt chains.

Founded in 1986 by brothers Aaron and Michael Serruya in Toronto, Canada, Yogen Früz has become the world’s leading frozen yogurt conglomerate with over 1,100 locations operating in 20 countries around the globe. The dynamic duo decided that Yogen Früz was more than just a frozen yogurt. It was all about the ü - a lifestyle that focuses on being healthy, loving yourself and enjoying life. The concept was to create a great tasting, yet healthy experience for consumers and provide an easier way for people to lead healthy and active lifestyles. Today, Yogen Früz has become a leader in the industry and is one of the fastest growing frozen yogurt companies in the world with 400 new store commitments in the last year alone and eight consecutive years of same store sales increases.

In United States, Yogen Früz can be found in Southern California, Miami, Virginia, San Francisco, Chicago and upstate New York.

For more information please visit: www.yogenfruz.com

Fro-yo girl’s comment: Well, the matcha green tea + lychee flavor does sound intriguing. I’m still amazed by how many locations they have. Yay for Canada.


bananas. said...

hey there's one near my job! i went there a week or 2 ago.

Lolia S said...

Did you get the Blend It? What did you think?