Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tartini Now 30 Cents an Ounce

Fro-yo girl here. This morning I saw Tartini’s shocking announcement; they lowered their price from 38 cents an ounce to 30 cents an ounce. Go there. Their tart flavors are more natural than most self-serve fro-yo shops. It’s my impression that they have higher quality fro-yo by self-serve standards. I haven’t tried their sweet flavors but the tart ones are definitely better than Yogurtland’s.

Thinking about the announcement also made me think about the trend towards self-serve fro-yo. I looked at my list of fro-yo shops that opened this year and new self-serve shops outnumber full-serve fro-yo shops. Some full-serve shops like Papamingo and Café Aroma (now Honeyberry) even changed formats, going from full-serve to self-serve. Even Tuttimelon has a self-serve store now.

Self-serve really appeals to a younger crowd that doesn’t seem to mind the germs. I guess it’s a good trend since it increases demand for fro-yo and appeals to a wider audience.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

* TARTINI: 20488 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 2040, Cupertino, CA
* PAPAMINGO: 2510 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA (also 30 cents an ounce – they must have seen the crazy lines at Yogurtland)
* HONEYBERRY: 3488 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA
* TUTTIMELON UNION CITY: 32280 Dyer St., Union City, CA


cocochanelella said...

Wow, first Red Mango lowers the price, now Tartini. Must be the economy and competition factor.

Lolia S said...

There is definitely much more competition...seems like a new fro-yo store opens every week.