Friday, July 17, 2009

Neighborhoods in San Francisco that Need Fro-yo

Fro-yo girl here. I recently had some not very good fro-yo in the Fisherman’s Wharf area (SF Yogurt) and it surprises me that a fro-yo shop opened up in the touristy Fisherman’s Wharf before opening in the following fro-yo less and fro-yo ready areas of SF:

* Outer Richmond: With all the Koreans and boba shops in this area, why is there no fro-yo shop? I just don’t understand it. I’ve had the urge for fro-yo several times in this area without being desperate enough to go to Quickly for fro-yo. Okay, so Quickly does offer fro-yo but I don’t think that really counts. Clement or Geary St. (near New May Wah) needs a proper fro-yo shop.
* Laurel Village: Frequented by families and professionals, the shopping center here would be perfect for fro-yo (or even ice cream). I can usually find parking here too, so I’m a frequent visitor. It’s also close enough to the lovely shops on Sacramento St.
* Hayes Valley: One of my favorite shopping areas, Hayes Valley is frequented by people who appreciate quality and sweet treats (e.g., Miette and Paulette Macarons). You can get cupcakes, macarons and candies here, so fro-yo should also be an option.
* Castro: My gay friend thinks fro-yo would be a huge hit. Maybe so. The foot traffic is impressive and many health conscious people visit (think of all the gyms in the area – fro-yo makes the perfect post workout treat).

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.


huey said...

Let's not kid ourselves into thinking that fro-yo is that healthy.

Anonymous said...

FYI, I checked the website for Yoppi and they are opening 3 more locations in San Francisco. The addresses for those 3 locations are: 100 Montgomery St., 199 New Montgomery St., and 101 California St.

Lolia S said...

I think fro-yo is healthy, at least more so than ice cream. It's usually fat free, rich in calcium and has live and active cultures. I usually have it with fresh fruit.

Wow, three more Yoppi locations in SF - thanks anonymous! The locations all seem very close to each other.

Rita said...

I hate having to leave the Richmond to satisfy my fro-yo craving. Boo! Instead of Quickly's, there should be Tuttimelons!

William said...

There are couple of reason why you don't find Fro Yo in Richmond imho.

-There isn't high enough foot traffic beside on clement street.
-If you open one on Clement St. you risk going into a cutthroat competition with other Chinese owners that like to compete purely on price.
(I.E. The Quickly that open the store that sells for 17c per ounce, 2 store away from Tuttimelon.)
-Many of the buildings are old and can't handle a couple 20-30amp machine.
-Rent is too high.
-Wrong demographic
-No Night Crowd
-San Francisco weather tends to be 10-15 degree colder than other Bay Area county.

P.S. Huey, Fro-Yo is healthy on a relative base. It is healthy compared to other sweet and desert. It is not health when u compare it to a carrot. But that would be comparing apples and oranges, or fro-yo to uhhh.... u get my point.

Lolia S said...

Thanks for your comments, William. I was hoping for a fro-yo place on Clement since there are places for pearl tea, crepes and egg puffs. Maybe it's not that crowded at night but there are restaurants there and fro-yo is so nice after dinner (I know others who feel the same way). It's plenty crowded during the day. Maybe Genki can add a fro-yo would be nice with their crepes. Or there's that huge space that used to be a Japanese grocery store that's been vacant for years.

Anonymous said...

I'd definitely like to see fro-yo in the Richmond area *cough* ;)

And yay for the info from Anonymous about Yoppi! Seems Yoppi wants to concentrate on the Financial District for their customers. 100 Montgomery is a good central spot though.

Bob said...

I agree to William. Also to Rita, we want Tuttimelon. No Quickly plz....!