Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flavored Mochi Appears at Tuttimelon

Fro-yo girl here. Thanks to Fro-yo Gizmo Geek for the heads up on the new flavored mochi balls appearing in some (but not all) locations of Tuttimelon. I found the strawberry mochi at Tuttimelon Chestnut. The strawberry mochi is about the same size as their plain mochi balls but it’s softer and of course, pink. The strawberry flavor isn’t that strong but it’s nice. The mochi is chewy, sweet, and soft like it should be. They’re not using Wang brand strawberry mochi balls. Those aren’t soft enough.

* Tuttimelon Irving: Apple mochi
* Tuttimelon Cupertino: No flavored mochi spotted
* Tuttimelon Chestnut: Strawberry mochi

Mochi ball status at other Tuttimelon locations: unknown. Any information on mochi ball status would be appreciated.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

* TUTTIMELON CHESTNUT: 2240 Chestnut St. San Francisco, CA
* TUTTIMELON IRVING: 2150 Irving St San Francisco, CA


bananas. said...

i need to get on this mochi craze.

Cass said...

If you were going to start a fro yo shoppe what would you name it? Also have you considered consulting for start up shops?