Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blush One Year Anniversary/ Customer Appreciation Day Coverage

Fro-yo girl here. For those of you who didn’t make it over to Blush today between 2 – 6 PM for Customer Appreciation Day and your free small cup of fro-yo with two toppings, you missed out…but you can still enjoy the taste of Blush. I stopped by twice today! Blush fans and Blush newbies lined up around the block for this special treat. Someone from Yogurtland even showed up to hand out Yogurtland coupons (how tacky).

Facebook fans selected two of the flavors of the day, strawberry kiwi and chocolate. Original and green tea tart were also offered. Through the operational prowess of owner Jonathan R. they were able to serve over 3000 cups of fro-yo in four hours. Wow. Original was the most popular choice.

While I did miss their Blush flavor (pomegranate-dragonfruit), I fell in love with their green tea tart. It’s perfect – a little tangy, really creamy, sweet aftertaste and the taste of real yogurt mixed with green tea. I heard that it might be offered for a few more days, so if you’re a green tea fro-yo fan, get over there quickly.

Thank you Jonathan R. for your unmatched generosity!

Check out the pics on their Facebook page:

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

* BLUSH ORGANIC FROZEN YOGURT: 4640-A Tassajara Road, Dublin, CA


Around Dublin Team said...

Hi Fro-Yo Girl,

Thank you for stopping by Dublin. The Around Dublin Team was pleasantly surprised that Blush offered Tart Green Tea and Dark Chocolate yesterday. Green and Brown are our official blog colors, and Green Tea and Dark Chocolate also happen to be our two favorite flavors from Blush. Kudos to Jonathan and his team for working extra hard to keep the expected long line moving at a brisk pace.

Around Dublin Team

Lolia S said...

Dear Around Dublin Team,

I find myself drawn to Dublin often...for one reason only - Blush! The green tea tart fro-yo was amazing! Thanks for your comment and for your support of Blush.