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Yogurtland Introduces Waffle Cones, New Flavors, and a New Spoon!

Fro-yo girl here. Happy July! There’s a lot going on in froyo right now. First up, let’s talk about the new offerings at Yogurtland. There are two new flavors, Dairy Free Key Lime Pie made with coconut milk and Cookies & Crème light ice cream. Cookies & Crème certainly sounds familiar but the previous Yogurtland version wasn’t a light ice cream; it was a soft serve ice cream made with OREO introduced in January 2018.

Dairy-free Key Lime Pie: I wasn’t sure about how much I’d like this flavor…and I liked it quite a bit. The coconut flavor is there but not overpowering. The key lime is sweet and not tangy (I like tangier flavors), but that’s what I expected. It’s rich and creamy. It’s also probiotic and vitamin C fortified. According to Yogurtland, “this flavor is inspired by the true classic key lime pie dessert. We paired real key lime with graham cracker crumbs and transformed them into a sweet and creamy flavor delivering the full flavor of a key lime pie, while being completely dairy free.” Recommended toppings: Graham crackers, Nilla wafers, mango, and gummy bears

Cookies & Crème Light Ice Cream: This ice cream is made with OREO wafers. It has more cream and more cookie flavor than the Yogurtland froyo version, Classic Cookies & Cream. It’s also richer and has more calories compared to froyo. Yogurtland describes it as “It’s the classic real Oreo® dunked in milk, but even more delicious.” Recommended toppings: Chocolate shell, whipped cream, toffee bits, almonds

Purple Waffle Cone Spoon: The purple spoon is the first NEW Yogurtland spoon of 2019. The waffle cone design is one of the cutest spoons they’ve come out with not involving a Sanrio or Tokidoki character.

Waffle cones: I’ve already tried the waffle cones at Yogurtland since they were being tested at a few locations. I like waffle cones but they’re hardly innovative. They were testing newer cone styles like taiyaki, bubble waffle, and cereal cones. Flavored or black activated charcol cones would be nice. I also didn’t see a waffle iron or smell freshly made cones. The cones are weighed with a special cone holder. The cone holder is 5.8 ounces. Make sure they deduct 5.8 oz from the total weight.

I also spotted posters for National Ice Cream Month. On July 21, National Ice Cream Day, Yogurtland has a special buy one, get one free deal from 1 PM – 6 PM. Some of the new signs mention a new summer flavor, Pomegranate Lime Twister sorbet, to be released on August 5.

Here’s the official Yogurtland press release:

Have a Waffle Lot of Fun With Yogurtland

-- Just in Time for National Ice Cream Month, Yogurtland is Expanding its Menu Offerings with Delicious New Waffle Cones --

June 26, 2019 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Just when we thought that there wasn’t a way to improve upon the experience of the creamy, one-of-a-kind delicious flavors from Yogurtland, the company went and introduced waffle cones to the menu and our taste buds are blown away. Beginning July 1st, guests can fill, top, weigh and enjoy their favorite Yogurtland frozen yogurt or ice cream flavors in new crispy, delicious waffle cones.

More than just a topping, waffle cones will be available at all Yogurtland locations in time for National Ice Cream Day. To celebrate the holiday and the new waffle cone release, Yogurtland is having a buy one, get one free (BOGO) event on July 21st from 1-6 pm, local time.

Yogurtland is also releasing a brand new spoon and two limited time flavors, Dairy Free Key Lime Pie made with coconut milk, and Cookies & Crème Light Ice Cream made with OREO® wafers. Both flavors are the perfect summer treat when enjoyed with the new purple spoon that features the debut of the waffle cones and any of Yogurtland’s dozens of toppings including fresh cut fruit, premium candy, chocolate, cookies and popular cereals.

“Our guests love our flavorful selections and have been wanting an alternative to the traditional cup. We are excited to now offer waffle cones that are easy for guests to fill and enjoy a different Yogurtland customizable experience. We can’t wait to see the social posts of our fans’ creative cones,” said Jennifer Ehrencron, Yogurtland’s director of marketing.

Separating Yogurtland from competitors is the company’s team of flavorologists who continually create craveable flavors and the proprietary recipes for the brand’s more than 250 different and customized flavors. Each one is more tantalizing than the last, giving fans more reasons to love building their own frozen dessert experience. Whether traditional or exotic, each flavor uses real ingredients sourced from their original locations. By controlling the entire frozen yogurt making process with their own dairy, Yogurtland has raised the standards for flavors and quality to new heights and much to the delight of millions of fans.

Yogurtland features non-fat and low-fat yogurt flavors, ice cream, and non-dairy and no sugar added choices while using milk that contains no antibiotics or added hormones. Fruit flavors are fortified with Vitamin C for an extra boost.

Presently Yogurtland has more than 320 locations across the U.S., Australia, Dubai, Guam, Myanmar, Oman, Singapore and Thailand. For more information, visit or

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You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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