Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Shakeaway's Last US Location Closes

Fro-yo girl here. Shakeaway is a global milkshake chain that started in the UK in 1999 and now has franchisees in more than 60 countries. It’s the “largest milkshake bar company in the world.” Shakeaway offers milkshakes, smoothies, frozen yogurt, and lowfat crispy fries. With over 180 ingredients, customers can create a different milkshake with every visit.

They first opened locations in the US in 2014. The locations were in La Jolla, CA (2014), San Diego, CA (2014), Cumming, GA (2014), Huntington Beach, CA (2015) and Norcross, GA (2015). Huntington Beach was the last one open in the US and it closed some time last year. I tried going there in 2017, only to find out that frozen yogurt machine wasn’t working. And I went another time in 2016, but they were closed. I think it was a Monday and I assumed that they would be open, so it was partly my fault. Now that the Huntington Beach location is closed, I will probably never try their frozen yogurt. Even if I came across a Shakeaway location in another country, it doesn’t sound worth trying.

Their frozen yogurt is described as ice cream like. They folded the ingredients into the yogurt. One person who tried their frozen yogurt wrote the following, “The "Sandy" my wife got was yogurt with blueberries, roasted hazelnuts and real maple syrup. It seemed that the yogurt was made with curdled milk and the blueberries were frozen.” Ugh.

Read Daniel B.'s review of Shakeaway on Yelp 

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