Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Custom Printed Fro-yo Cups

Fro-yo girl here. Fro-yo somehow tastes better when eaten out of a cute, branded cup and eaten with a nice spoon. The plain white cups are so boring. Printed logo cups are an easy, affordable way to build a shop’s brand and help the shop stand out from other fro-yo shops. Stickers are an option but they don’t look as nice especially if the sticker is crooked.

The two main suppliers of fro-yo cups (double poly paper hot/cold food containers) are Karat (www.lollicupstore.com) and CarryOutSupplies (www.carryoutsupplies.com). I’ve examined the Tuttimelon cup (manufactured and printed by Karat) and the cups for Icebee (APO brand, manufactured and printed by CarryOutSupplies). The Tuttimelon cup and Icebee cup have a similar weight and feel. I can’t spot any quality differences. The Yoppi cup Karat and APO cups are priced the same online.

CarryOutSupplies is willing to negotiate on prices and terms. Unlike other companies, they offer free storage so you don’t have to fill your garage with fro-yo cups. Shipping is free on all orders. Free custom printing is offered as well. They can provide custom molds.

I’ve eaten out of the APO cups many times (they supply Menchie’s, Yoppi Yogurt, Yogurt Passion, etc.). These are nice cups.

Special offer: Call Kirby at CarryOutSupplies at 626-262-6819 and tell them fro-yo girl sent you. You’ll receive a free case of colored spoons with your cup purchase. Contact Kirby for details.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.


Anonymous said...

Karat supplies Cefiore cups.

Lolia S said...

The new Cefiore cups (new design) look very nice.

Bonnibella said...

I see new blog layout. You are a deep investigative fro-yo researching about cups too!

Lolia S said...

Even fro-yo cups and spoons interest me now :-)

vincent said...


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Lolia S said...

Thanks Vincent but I don't have any recipes?