Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tenth Blogiversary of Fro-yo Girl Speaks

Fro-yo girl here. This is embarrassing, but I forgot to acknowledge my tenth blogiversary on October 20, 2018. I was so busy planning for Halloween that it just slipped my mind. This week I finally organized my froyo spoon collection and I realized I’ve been collecting froyo spoons for almost ten years. I have so many spoons that I need to sell or trade some of them (see my next post).

Ten years. I’ve seen so many froyo shops come and go. The ones that closed that I really miss are:

  • Culture Organic Frozen Yogurt in Palo Alto (my 2008 cup of Culture strawberry froyo with nectarines is pictured, the first picture ever posted to this blog) 
  • Jubili in San Francisco: The first place I tried tart froyo and mochi balls
  • The original (1st) Tuttimelon on Irving St. in San Francisco 
  • Pinkberry in Pasadena and Glendale 
  • Sno:la in Beverly Hills 

The question I get asked the most is who has the best froyo. During the past few years while froyo shops have added soft serve ice cream, gelato, and frozen custard, along with indulgent flavors, I’ve been obsessed with the simplicity of the plain Greek frozen yogurt with Greek toppings at Souvla in San Francisco, the organic, sophisticated flavors at Easy Breezy in San Francisco, and the plant-based, organic, kosher, soy-free, probiotic luscious offerings at Yoga-urt in Glendale, CA. The frozen yogurt at the three places I listed tastes fresher and less processed.

If I lived in NYC, I’m sure that I would be a frequent visitor to Culture. I’m happy that I’ve been there more than once. 

My favorite froyo memories over the years are:
  • Attending the 2014 Critics Choice TV Awards as Yogurtland's guest. Yogurtland served froyo at the event. The big winners that year were Orange Is the New Black, Masters of Sex, and True Detective. Thanks, Yogurtland!!!
  • Attending YoCream's Froyo Conference in 2011 as YoCream's guest. I learned about froyo store operations, toured the factory, and met the founder of YoCream, John Hanna, and other important people in froyo. Thanks, YoCream!!!
  • Visiting Yogurtland HQ and talking to Phillip Chang in his office.
  • Visiting Menchie's HQ and talking to Amit Kleinberger. He kept smiling!
  • Meeting the Pinkberry team, including Ron Graves, and sampling test flavors at Pinkberry HQ
  • Attending the NRA Show in Chicago
  • Meeting Roy Lam of Tuttimelon and getting the VIP treatment at Tuttimelon openings. I still have all the t-shirts, Tuttimelon merchandise, and Tuttimelon bear.
  • Visiting Jonathan Rim, the owner of Blush Organic Frozen Yogurt in Dublin and getting free froyo to take home
  • Spending time with the owners of the Bay Area Red Mango locations: Richard, Steven and Yul
  • Every National/International Frozen Yogurt Day
  • Starting the National Frozen Yogurt Association
  • Conducting froyo research
  • Winning the Yogurtland San Francisco marketing plan competition
  • The time Yogurtland sent me a set of Tokidoki froyo spoons and a Tokidoki t-shirt
I started the blog in 2008 to track frozen yogurt news – and that’s still the main purpose. Thank you so much to my fans and readers and keep eating frozen yogurt! 

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

Looking for more frozen yogurt news, discussion boards, and resources? Check out the International Frozen Yogurt Association website at http://internationalfrozenyogurt.com/. The IFYA is the independent voice of the frozen yogurt industry.

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