Tuesday, October 30, 2018

And the 2018 Halloween Froyo Shop Spirit Award Goes to…

Fro-yo girl here. Happy Froyo Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday and during Halloween season, I’m always on the lookout for Halloween spirit at froyo shops. I’ve seen lots of Halloween froyo spirit across the world. Each year I’ll pick out a froyo shop (or froyo chain) for showing the most Halloween spirit.

This year’s winner is…Smile Yogurt in Hong Kong. While they aren’t the only froyo shop with a special Halloween froyo parfait (Yole, Freeze Frozen Yogurt, Yo Mama, and Pinkberry Japan), they’ve been creating a different Halloween froyo parfait since Halloween 2015. And they have custom toppings just for Halloween, like the Jack O'Lantern cookie. They also have special froyo parfaits for Easter and Christmas.

The previous winners were:

  • 2013: Menchie’s 
  • 2014: 16 Handles 
  • 2015: Wakaberry 
  • 2016: Menchie’s 
  • 2017: Yogurty’s 

Last year’s winner, Yogurty’s, introduced three Halloween inspired NEW offerings: Dark Froyo with activated charcoal, Dark Waffle Bowl with activated charcoal, and an Orange Chocolate Drizzle that was orange colored. Very impressive.

For a list of shops with Halloween specials, check out IFYA’s list: http://internationalfrozenyogurt.com/news/2018-halloween-froyo-shop-specials/

For over 1,000 Halloween froyo images, visit IFYA’s Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/froyogirl/halloween-froyo-froyo-shop-decorations/

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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