Monday, December 27, 2010

Best New Fro-yo Flavors in 2010

Fro-yo girl here. Before the year ends, I wanted to acknowledge my favorite new fro-yo flavors. These were fro-yo flavors introduced in the Bay Area during 2010. I didn't get a chance to try every new flavor but the following are the ones that I liked the best.

* Fraiche Yogurt's Pumpkin: Creamy, fresh, natural tasting, full of pumpkin flavor, this was a brilliant new flavor (only the fifth one they've introduced). It's even better with their homemade mochi.
* Blush's Pink Lemonade Tart: Blush comes out with amazing new flavors every year and this year my new favorite was Pink Lemonade. It's one of their tarter flavors but with the right amount of sweetness.
* Tuttimelon Japanese Yogurt: I fell in love with it the moment I tried it. Similar to their original fro-yo but with that distinctive tangy Yakult like flavor. You can still find it at their Irving St. location.
* Yogurtland Yuzu Tart Yogurt: Available a few months ago, it tasted like orange + lemon, tangy and sweet, the way I like my fro-yo

I'm excited about the new fro-yo flavors that 2011 will bring.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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