Monday, June 18, 2018

Yogurtland’s New Flavors of Summer Launching on June 18

Fro-yo girl here. The day for the release of Yogurtland’s new summer flavors has finally arrived: Monday, June 18.

The wait felt so long! The new spring flavors were released on April 2, with no new flavors since then.

The “Flavors of Summer” are:

Blue Raspberry Sorbet flavored with Jolly Rancher: Yogurtland says, “This fruity, raspberry childhood favorite is sure to be a crowd pleaser! This non-dairy, bold, blue, frozen treat is made with REAL JOLLY RANCHER® Blue Raspberry!” It’s nonfat. The Jolly Blue Raspberry base has artificial flavors. While this flavor didn’t sound appealing to me, it wasn’t awful. It did taste like Jolly Rancher blue raspberry candies, but it wasn’t too intensely candy-like. I wouldn’t get it though, because it was too sweet and not natural. The Yogurtland manager liked it because it was refreshing. Recommended toppings: Fresh fruit, sour gummies.

Cookies & Crème Smores Frozen Yogurt: Yogurtland describes this flavor as, “Late summer nights were made for Cookies and Crème Smores! The delicious pairing of REAL Chocolate Cookies blended into sweet marshmallow yogurt will transport you to a warm summer night sitting around the camp fire!” It’s lowfat. Sadly, this flavor is also made with artificial flavors. Why, Yogurtland, why? However, I did think it was the best of the new summer flavors. The marshmallow muted the chocolate in a pleasant way. It was sweet, creamy, and didn’t taste like their other chocolate flavors. I didn’t detect graham crackers but I’m not sure they were in the mix. The yogurt was made with chocolate cookies. Recommended toppings: Keebler double fudge cookies, graham crackers, marshmallow sauce, chocolate chips.

When it comes to the new Butter Pecan Light Ice Cream, Yogurtland says, “Our Flavorologists took inspiration from a decadent summer essential and created for the first time in Yogurtland® history a reduced guilt Ice Cream treat! A de-LIGHT-ful combination of delicate, buttery cream and perfectly roasted pecans makes for a summer time favorite! Made with REAL Roasted Pecans! Note: Fat content has been reduced from 10% Fat to 4.8% Fat as compared to our Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream.” Butter pecan did seem less rich than the other Yogurtland ice cream flavors. It was pleasant and mild but the pecan/nutty flavor was very mild. It didn’t taste like vanilla ice cream but it wasn’t that nutty either. Recommended toppings: Almonds, Nilla wafers, toffee bits.

There were two new toppings: sour watermelon gummies and Keebler double fudge cookies. The Keebler sandwich cookies are adorable. They are plain sandwich cookies with fudge filling that feature different elves on one side and different sayings on the other side. There were no new cups or spoons.

Last summer, Yogurtland introduced 5 new summer flavors and two new spoons (the Joy promotion). This year there are have been fewer new flavors, new spoons, and promotions from Yogurtland. Sigh.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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