Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Westfield Century City Froyo & Frozen Desserts Report 2018

Fro-yo girl here. Westfield unveiled the “new” Westfield Century City shopping center last September. The two-year $1 billion makeover “reconfigured the mall and expanded it by about a third to 1.3 million square feet. About 90% of the stores, including Nordstrom, are new.” 

I used to shop at the Century City mall regularly and when I stepped off the escalator, I could not recognize the old mall. The layout is so different now and most of the stores are different. Bloomindale’s is still there in the same place but everything else seemed different. I remember parking for free for 3 hours. Now you only get one hour of free parking but some stores validate.

I recently visited Westfield Century City. I was curious about the Yogurtland location there, which closed in January for remodeling and reopened in April of this year with a new look. I haven’t seen that look at any other Yogurtland location.

I noticed quite a few unoccupied or maybe I should say not yet open shops on the second floor. The ground floor is almost fully occupied and open for business. The new Westfield Century City has many places to get frozen treats. Here’s a breakdown of the current frozen treat vendors.


Forty Carrots (inside Bloomingdale’s): Their famous frozen yogurt! It’s $6 for a regular, $8 for a large or $4 for a small if purchased with a meal from their café. They have 6 flavors a day. I recommend the plain or peanut butter. You can also get frozen yogurt smoothies. Take your receipt to the first floor to get your parking validated. You get an hour of free parking with validation (on top of the first hour free which everyone gets).

Yogurtland: It’s an attractive looking spot with geometric white and green tiles, grey wall where the froyo machines are, and white toppings bars. The price doubled – it’s now 85 cents an ounce which seems crazy when there are other Yogurtland locations nearby that still charge over 30 cents less per ounce. This is a smaller location, with just 10 self-serve flavors a day. Look for offers on Instagram, @yogurtlandcc. Currently if you check in on Yelp, you get 5 oz free. 

SunLife Organics (?): I didn’t see this shop while I was there, but if it’s like their other locations, they’ll have organic chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt. From the pictures I saw of this location, it doesn’t seem like they have frozen yogurt. 

Yogen Fruz (?): The Yogen Fruz website lists a location inside the AMC theater at Century City. I forgot to verify whether this location was still open. 

Ice Cream

Halo Top Scoop Shop: This is Halo Top’s second scoop shop. They have soft serve but it’s ice cream. I haven’t tried it yet but I am curious about their bubble waffles, more so than their Stevia sweetened low calorie ice cream. 

Rori’s Artisanal Creamery: Scoopable ice cream, no frozen yogurt

Smitten Ice Cream: Fresh ice cream is made in front of your eyes with liquid nitrogen. I’ve had it in San Francisco where Smitten is from. It’s good stuff and their housemade toppings are excellent as well.


Bacio di Latte: The reviews are very favorable and they have yogurt gelato occasionally. This chain was founded by two brothers in Milan.

Grom: This Italian gelato shop got its start in Italy. They emphasize fresh, high quality ingredients. They do have a yogurt gelato that’s rich and flavorful. I don’t think that flavor is always offered but it’s worth trying if you see it.

Il Gelato (inside Eataly):
I didn’t see any yogurt flavor but maybe they have one from time to time?

Dairy-Free Soft Serve 

Pressed Juicery: Yes, this location does have Pressed Freeze, the vegan, plant-based frozen treat from Pressed. Freeze is made with just a few ingredients and no added sugar. It’s 100% fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

This list doesn’t even include the other eateries that serve dessert and the frozen desserts you can buy at Gelson's. Oh, if you want frozen yogurt in Century City, the only place to get some is at Westfield Century City. If you have a car, drive over to Beverly Hills or Westwood Village for more options.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

* WESTFIELD CENTURY CITY: 10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles (Century City), CA 90067

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