Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Yogurtland Flavors: Blue Lychee Bliss & Almond Midnight Mocha

Fro-yo girl. The flavor elves at Yogurtland have been busy again and they’ve come up with two new fro-yo flavors. You won’t want to miss trying both. Expect to see them at participating Yogurtland locations till the end of June. I found both at Yogurtland Burlingame.

* BLUE LYCHEE BLISS: The combination of lychee and blueberry is a pale purple creamy yet refreshing treat. The lychee flavor is more dominant than the blueberry but you can definitely taste the blueberry flavor and see the blueberry flecks. I liked how it was quite tart.
* ALMOND MIDNIGHT MOCHA: Two types of chocolate, coffee and almond make this super rich and decadent without being super sweet. The rich nutty chocolate flavor reminded me of the center of a chocolate truffle or a firm, extra chocolatey mousse. Wow.

* YOGURTLAND BURLINGAME: 225 Primrose Rd., Burlingame, CA

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