Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taylor Fro-yo Machines & Restaurant Equipment Available

Fro-yo girl here. A fro-yo shop in the Bay Area is looking to sell the following equipment:

* 3 Taylor C713 gently used air-cooled soft serve machines, Twin twist can be used for soft serve fro-yo, ice cream, custard, etc. Freezing cylinder: 2, 3.4 quart. Mix hopper: 2, 20 quart
* Dispensers: True T-28, True T-28F, True TSSU-48-12
* Mop Sink
* Corner 3-Comp Sinks with drainboards
* Prep sink with drainboards
* Hand sink
* Zevro snack dispensers with hardware

If interested, please contact me at

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.


zzccff said...
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ShaneBond said...

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johnsmith said...

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Terry Naismith said...

Cool blog. I'm just a little confused, what exactly does the True TSSU-48-12 have to do with this? That machine is a salad & sandwich prepping device, isn't it??

Lolia S said...

Hi Terry,

Don't know the answer to your question...I was given a list of equipment by the owner.


李丹泥 said...

Fro-yo girl:
is the machine still for sale?
How much going to sell for?
What's the condition?

Lolia S said...

I don't think it's still available.


Anonymous said...

I probably missed the boat on this one. I was looking around for a new machine, hoping I could find one like this. I do have a back up plan though, York Simcoe Refrigeration has a good selection as well. Let us know if you have anything else that becomes available. Thanks!

adson stone said...

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