Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine’s Day Specials at Sip Café and Yogurtouille

Sip Café has a grand opening special, good till Feb. 15: get a cup of self-serve fro-yo with topping, up to 4 oz., for 99 cents or a 99 cents cup of coffee. Thanks for the tip, Ann L.

*SIP CAFE: 1412 Camden Avenue, Campbell, CA.

Yogurtouille has a buy one, get another cup of fro-yo for ½ off on Valentine's Day

* YOGURTOUILLE: 407 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401


nick said...

Ooo! Thanks for the heads up!

Helene said...

The promo looks so cute! Too bad I don't have access to get to Sip Cafe. =\

Btw, did you know that today, February 6, is National Frozen Yogurt Day? =) You probably already knew, but just thought I'd mention it anyway. ^^

Lolia S said...

Today is National Frozen Yogurt Day and I didn't know it!!! OMG. My only excuse is that I was distracted by Hug a Korean Day and the site I use to look up food holidays says it's National Food Checkout Day and Nutella Day:

Lolia S said...

According to the same site, National Frozen Yogurt Day is June 4th:

Helene said...

Ooh, my bad, I'm not sure which site is more correct on National Froyo I got my information from this blog:

Who knows...but I suppose every day is Froyo day for some of us. =P