Friday, October 31, 2008

Fro-Yo with Halloween Spirit

Love fro-yo? Love Halloween? Try one of these fro-yo treats on Halloween day:

  1. Pumpkin fro-yo. I had some yesterday at Natural Sensations in SF (SFSU campus). Try places that serve sweet fro-yo.
  2. Add crushed Oreo cookies or graham cracker crumbs and gummy worms to your fro-yo. Instant faux gross fro-yo treat! I believe you can assemble such a treat at Yogurt Station in Walnut Creek, Nubi in Millbrae, Frozo's in Milpitas & Santa Clara, etc.
  3. Bring candy corn to your favorite fro-yo shop. Add to your fro-yo.
  4. Get the pumpkin spice granola as a fro-yo topping at Culture Organic Frozen Yogurt in Palo Alto.
  5. Add Halloween candy (e.g., Halloween Kit Kats) to your store-bought fro-yo (e.g., Haagen Dazs).

Happy Halloween!

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