Saturday, November 1, 2008

Two Fro-Yo Shops Opening Today

* Chill - 125 Kearny St., San Francisco

It's not a Stinkberry clone in appearance or product. Chill has some fro-yo flavors that I've never seen before and higher quality toppings. It's upscale and the portions are smaller. The ambiance is serene and organic (wood, flower illustrations).

Fro-yo flavors: Original tart, red rooibos tea tart, black sesame tart and custard (sweet)

Toppings: About a dozen fresh fruit purees, including lychee, mango, fig, acai, pineapple, fresh fruit pieces, dry toppings like mochi, rice pearls (think rice krispies coated in chocolate), crispy flakes (thin, crunchy wafer bits), chocolate covered sunflower seeds, yogurt covered dried cranberries, nuts, etc.
Other menu items: Cupcakes, shaved ice, crepes, coffee, tea, blended drinks

For something different, I recommend red rooibos tea fro-yo. It's fresh, clean and refreshing tasting.
P.S. I'm mentioned in Eater SF: "2) Financial District: It's possible that Chill picked the worst weekend of the season to open a froyo/dessert cafe, but we suppose not even froyo purveyors can control the weather. One enthusiastic Yelper has a thorough summary of the place, including flavors (original, custard, black sesame) and prices. Also, free Wifi, FYI. 125 Kearny Street, between Post and Sutter; (415) 433-1233; website [EaterWire]"

* Orange Tree - Milpitas Square, 510 Barber Ln, Milpitas, CA, 11AM - 11 PM, self-serve, 35 cents/ounce, 50% off this weekend
There's nothing about this place that really stands out except that they have more tart fro-yo flavors than most self-serve fro-yo places. The tart fro-yo is very icy and low in quality. I didn't like any of the tart fro-yo flavors they had. Orange Tree reminds me of an inferior version of Tutti Frutti. Like other fro-yo shops, they tout the health benefits of fro-yo, have those spherical orange chairs, and offer the standard toppings. Parking in Milpitas Square is a nightmare. Skip this one!

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