Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Fro-Yo on Thanksgiving

Fro-yo girl here. With fro-yo shops closed on Thanksgiving Day, what's a fro-yoholic to do?

1. Buy Cyclops Greek Style frozen yogurt at Whole Foods ($4.99 a pint, flavors include mango, banana, coffee, raspberry). There isn't a plain or honey flavor. I tried the mango flavor.

Cyclops organic fro-yo is made in New Zealand and contains egg yolk. The texture is firm and creamy, very similar to ice cream. It isn't tart but it is sweet and somewhat tangy. The tangy flavor is different from the tanginess of most tart fro-yos I've tried. It's hard to describe but reminds me of goat cheese. It had a few chunks of mango. I wasn't too crazy about the product and wouldn't get it again. I prefer Haagen Dazs's sweet fro-yo, particularly vanilla with honey and granola.

2. Buy fro-yo to go from your local fro-yo shop. Some fro-yo shops offer to go containers (usually family size). I bought a quart of pumpkin tart fro-yo from my favorite fro-yo shop, Culture Organic Frozen Yogurt in Palo Alto. They have insulated bags and the fro-yo survived my one hour drive home.

I was also worried about what freezing would do to the texture of the fro-yo. In this case, it does firm up and it brings out the iciness of the fro-yo. Still delicious! It keeps in the freezer for a week. I'm bringing some to Thanksgiving dinner.

Some fro-yo shops sell "yogurt pie." I've never had fro-yo pie but I'm definitely curious about it.

3. Freeze regular yogurt. I've tried this with many brands. The end result tends to be too hard and icy, but it's still nice to have a fro-yo fix on hand. I prefer YoPlus for the wider cup (easier to scoop out the fro-yo).

4. Make your own fro-yo. I'm too lazy to do this.

You know you love me. XOXO, fro-yo girl.

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