Thursday, April 19, 2018

Easy Breezy Opens in West Portal (San Francisco)

Fro-yo girl here. I’ve been going to Easy Breezy since day 1 of their first location, which opened in Noe Valley (San Francisco, CA) in 2012. I fell in love with their creative, fresh, hand-crafted flavors and their commitment to quality frozen yogurt and toppings. They even had premium and sometimes creative toppings. I’m definitely excited to see them expand; the newest location is in West Portal. The space used to be occupied by Tuttimelon and then Quickly, so I’ve been there many times. In fact, it was the first place that I ever met Mr. Tuttimelon on the day that Tuttimelon West Portal opened.

Since I moved away from San Francisco, I wasn’t able to attend Easy Breezy West Portal’s opening day, March 3rd. But, I did swing by recently during a quick trip to the Bay Area in April.

The shop was super cute with wood accents and the signature blue Easy Breezy color. Breezy, the mascot, appears outside the shop and inside too. The signs are super eye-catching and appealing.

It was very busy during our visit. All the tables inside were taken and people were sitting on the bench outside. The customers were mostly young families.

There were four machines serving 8 flavors. It’s self-serve like the other Easy Breezy locations. Toppings included sauces, candy, cheesecake, mochi, cookie dough, popping boba, fresh fruit (the blueberries and strawberries were organic), brownies, chocolate chips, yogurt chips, local granola, cereal, nuts, sprinkles, etc. I love the Belgian butter waffle cookies that I sometimes find there but they didn’t have any during my visit. It’s 81 cents an ounce.

Flavors of the day:

  • Acai & me (vegan) 
  • Chocolate amaretto (vegan) 
  • Chocolate custard 
  • Vanilla bean (organic yogurt)) 
  • Cookie dough monster (organic yogurt) 
  • Vanilla custard 
  • Original tart (organic yogurt) 
  • Mango tajin (organic yogurt) 

The vegan flavors are made with different bases, including coconut milk and cashew milk. There were lots of organic froyo options, plus indulgent frozen custards as well.

Congrats, Easy Breezy, and welcome to West Portal.

* EASY BREEZY WEST PORTAL: 44 W Portal Ave, San Francisco, CA 94127

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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