Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Menchie’s August Flavors, Emoji Movie Promotion, American Heart Association Fundraiser

Fro-yo girl here. There’s a lot going on at Menchie’s this month. First, there are two new flavors, Original Strawberry and Pina Colada Sorbet. Some locations are offering a Pina Colada float (mine wasn’t). Next, they’re promoting The Emoji Movie with a limited edition cup design and two new limited edition Emoji spoons. The spoons feature two characters from The Emoji Movie. Finally, Menchie’s is accepting donations for the American Heart Association. If you donate, you’ll get a paper sign that they’ll post on the wall and a coupon for 20% off a future purchase.

New flavors:

Pina colada sorbet: It’s made with real pineapple, real coconut cream, no artificial colors and no high fructose corn syrup. The coconut cream gives it a richer, creamier texture. The tangy pineapple flavor is dominant but then the coconut cream is the flavor that lingers. Recommended toppings: maraschino cherries, pineapple, Nilla wafers.

Original strawberry: It’s made with real strawberries, no artificial colors, no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial flavors. I didn’t taste the yogurt and it seemed very sweet, creamy and heavy even though it is nonfat. Recommended toppings: Cool Whip, strawberries, sprinkles

The new cups feature three characters from The Emoji Movie.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl

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