Thursday, February 9, 2017

New Flavors from Noosa: Orange & Ginger, Pear & Cardamom, Strawberry & Hibiscus

Fro-yo girl here. Last year, Noosa introduced their Sweet Heat Collection. Those flavors combined fruit with different types of chili peppers. This year they’re again coming out with innovative flavors. The new Tart & Sweet Collection. Tart & Sweet “is the yoghurt that is yummier than the sum of its parts. Juicy fruits with a hint of herbs shine against our original tart yoghurt.” If you’ve ever thought that Noosa Yoghurt’s regular flavors contained too much sugar, the Tart & Sweet collection is for you. Noosa Key Lime has 35g of sugar compared to 23g for Noosa Strawberry & Hibiscus.

Target had all three of the new Noosa flavors: Orange & Ginger, Strawberry & Hibiscus, Pear & Cardamom. An 8 oz container is $2.39 at Target (suggested retail price $2.99). The fruit is on the bottom.

* Pear & Cardamom: The sweetness of the Bartlett pear makes this the sweetest of the new flavors. The pear chunks are also the largest of the fruit pieces in the new flavors, so this is the chunkiest variety. It does have less sugar than the regular Noosa but it’s still sweet (the right level of sweet). The pear bits are very nice and the cardamom is very subtle.

* Orange & Ginger: I love orange and fresh ginger but I’m not sure about this flavor. The orange bits are teeny but they do seem juicy. The fresh ginger is subtle unless you bite into a tiny ginger bit. The orange and ginger provide pops of flavor. The yogurt is quite tart and even sour.

* Strawberry & Hibiscus: If you like hibiscus, you should like this flavor. The hibiscus makes this the sourest and tangiest of the new flavors. I like sour, fruity yogurt so this one was the winner for me. The strawberries were muddled.

The yogurt is thick and creamy. It’s rich and indulgent. Whole milk is still used. One serving has 11g fat and 260 calories (fewer calories than the other Noosa flavors).

I looked for the new flavors at Sprouts but they didn’t carry them.

4.5 out of 5 stars

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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