Monday, July 2, 2018

Menchie’s July Featured Flavors: Four Jolly Rancher Sorbet Flavors

Fro-yo girl here. Call 2018 the summer of Jolly Rancher sorbet. First, Orange Leaf partnered with Jolly Rancher for two new flavors, Green Apple Sorbet and Blue Raspberry Sorbet in May. Then, Yogurtland partnered with Jolly Rancher to introduce its Blue Raspberry Sorbet in June. And now Menchie’s has partnered with Jolly Rancher for four new flavors, Green Apple Sorbet, Cherry Sorbet, Watermelon Sorbet, and Blue Raspberry Sorbet.

Green Apple Sorbet and Cherry Sorbet have a July 1 launch date, while Watermelon Sorbet and Blue Raspberry Sorbet will be launched on July 16.

New flavors:

* Cherry Sorbet made with Jolly Rancher flavor: This tastes like Cherry ICEE and the texture was firm, smooth and icy. I’ve always liked cherry candies but I don’t really want them in soft serve form because they don’t taste natural. Cherry sorbet is nonfat, gluten free, and dairy free. Recommended toppings: Gummi bears

* Green Apple Sorbet made with Jolly Rancher flavor: This tastes like Green Apple Jolly Rancher, so it’s tangier than the Cherry Sorbet. The flavor is very strong and artificial. The texture was similar to the Cherry Sorbet. Recommended toppings: Sour gummi worms, popping boba.

It’s rare that I like a sorbet. Sorbets tend to be icy and too sweet. Also, fruit flavored sorbets should taste natural, in my opinion, rather than like candy. This trend of candy flavors from frozen yogurt chains is disappointing for adults who are health-conscious and/or have more sophisticated palates. I stopped buying Jolly Rancher candies when I became an adult.

Menchie’s is also sponsoring a summer contest called Summer of Wonder. To enter, make your favorite Menchie’s mix and top it w/ OREOs, post a pic of your mix on Instagram or Twitter with the following tags, @MyMenchies, @OREO, #OREOMenchiesSweepstakes from July 1-31, 2018. The grand prize is $1,000.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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