Tuesday, February 6, 2018

International/National Frozen Yogurt Day 2018 Recap

Fro-yo girl here. How much froyo can I possibly eat in one day? That’s what I wondered when I learned that so many shops were celebrating International/National Frozen Yogurt Day on February 6.
Yogurtland is clearly the most excited about IFYD – with the special IFYD cups, 2 new flavors (see my earlier post for a review of Chocolate Malt Ball Ice Cream and Chocoate Wafer Bar Froyo), new toppings, Hershey’s IFYD spoons, and a coupon. The cup design even matched the new froyo flavors and new toppings. Talk about being overachievers!

Each guest received a 5 oz cup to fill up. I had to wait so long for toppings that I forgot to look for the Kit Kats and Whoppers. I’m pretty sure that I saw Whoppers. The coupon is for $1 off.

My shop was organized as usual, though guests took forever to choose toppings. Yogurtland Pasadena Lake Ave. employees and the owner are so friendly and kind. 

Menchie’s had an all day buy one, get one free offer but no new flavors or cups. I guess there are no new promotional flavors for February? They did have some Paddington Movie signs. I didn’t get a coupon this year. However, I do like that they had the NFYD posters and also a handwritten chalkboard sign announcing the NFYD offer.

Pinkberry had a BOGO offer on Original Tart with toppings for Pinkcard holders good all day on Feb. 6. I was surprised to see no signs at the shop. Pinkcard holders were notified via email. The shop looked the same with no visible acknowledgement of NFYD. I wasn’t told about the offer when I pulled out my Pinkcard. But there was a nice surprise waiting for me via email, the surprise gift from Pinkberry, 3 free swirls. 

Thank you to all the froyo shops that celebrate International or National Frozen Yogurt Day! Special thanks to Yogurtland, Yogurtland Pasadena (Lake Ave!), Menchie’s, and Pinkberry.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

Looking for more frozen yogurt news, discussion boards, and resources? Check out the International Frozen Yogurt Association website at http://internationalfrozenyogurt.com/. The IFYA is the independent voice of the frozen yogurt industry.

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