Saturday, January 6, 2018

2018 Froyo Wish List

Fro-yo girl here. It’s time for my annual froyo wish list. First, let's see if any of my 2017 wishes came true. Last year I wished for:

* Pinkberry Pops: They’re now available in UAE, KSA, Lebanon, Qatar and Turkey. I would love to try one without traveling to the Middle East!

Update: They started selling Pinkberry Pops at the Pinkberry in Toronto, Canada, Ghana, and Panama. So, the Pinkberry Pops are getting closer though they’re still far away. Why aren’t these available in the US? You can even get Hong Kong waffles at Pinkberry Toronto and Pinkberry Ghana, but not the US. I love Hong Kong waffles but they seem more popular in Europe than in the US.

* Llaollao: Llaollao seems to be everywhere (e.g., Russia, Slovenia, Cambodia, Uruguay, Chile, El Salvador) except North America.

Update: Llaollao continues to expand but they’re still not in the US.

* Menchie’s should add the flavor finder feature on the Menchie’s My Smileage mobile app. I’d like easy access to list of flavors carried by specific Menchie’s locations.

Update: I didn’t notice any changes to the Menchie’s app. It doesn’t serve much purpose, so I rarely use it. At least Pinkberry finally fixed their app. Their website doesn't have a flavor finder either. Why do they make it so difficult to find out the flavors that each store carries???

* More Daphne’s Greek locations should be converted to their new concept, Yalla:
I’d like a closer Yalla so that I can get my Greek froyo w/ baklava fix on a regular basis.

Update: Yalla didn’t open new locations and the portions of their food and froyo have shrunk. My guess is that’s their way of dealing with rising costs. Other places have started offering baklava as a froyo topping. Kentro in Fullerton isn’t any closer and Spread didn’t have any baklava during my last visit.

Well, I didn't have much luck with my 2017 froyo wishes and I'm not too optimistic about 2018's wishes either.

Here’s my froyo wish list for 2018:

* More soy froyo (or tofu soft serve). While there seems to be an anti-soy sentiment in the air, I love the flavor of soy. I’m hoping to see tofu soft serve. Tofu soft serve is popular in Japan and other parts of Asia. I did find tofu soft serve at Uji Time in San Francisco but not in Southern California. I also tried the soy soft serve at Sumo Dog in LA but it was too sweet.

* Bring back the tart. I’d love to see a Yogurtland promotion for just tart froyo flavors. Froyo, why have you become so sweet? I miss the old days of froyo wave two when froyo flavors were mostly tart. I miss green tea tart. 

* More Halloween froyo spoons. I imagine Menchie’s is the best candidate to offer more Halloween froyo spoons. No one else has come out with custom Halloween froyo spoons. It was a slow year for collectible froyo spoons in general.

* Good bubble waffles: They're surprisingly hard to find and I love them. I'm sure that I'd love them with froyo. They've become so popular in other countries (Canada, UK, Germany, Russia). I live in an area with a high concentration of Chinese and I can't find good bubble waffles. So strange.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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