Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Search For the Best Froyo in San Diego

Fro-yo girl here. I’m back from San Diego. I hadn’t visited for years so I had a lot of froyo to catch up on. There are over 200 froyo shops in the greater San Diego area and many of them are small independent shops. Frozen yogurt is everywhere and I saw many froyo shops while we were out and about. There are froyo kiosks at the airport, inside the Hilton Bayfront Hotel (across from the Convention Center) and Petco Park.

Many of the froyo shops are highly reviewed, including My Yogurt, Fiji Yogurt, Yogurt on the Rocks, In the Mix, Rockie’s Frozen Yogurt, Yogurt Express, Cloud 9, Forbidden Yogurt, and more.

Froyo shops visited:
  • Chillbox (214 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA): Located in downtown San Diego right by Petco Park, Chillbox is Greece’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt chain. Their frozen yogurt comes from Greece and it’s richer, creamier, thicker and milder than other yogurts. They only carry 4 flavors a day. Try the natural flavor.
  • In the Mix (Poway, CA): Winner of the 2016 Best Frozen Yogurt in San Diego A-List award, In the Mix is known for its unique specialty flavors like ube and banana shake. This quaint small family owned shop feels well-maintained and clean. While we were there someone came out to test/maintain the machine. The ube was sweet, creamy, mild and pleasant. The tart frozen yogurts tasted more tart than average. 
  • Rockie’s Frozen Yogurt (7612 Linda Vista Rd #114, San Diego, CA): This is the old school option but where they swirl the froyo for you (and the swirls are generous). There’s just as much variety as with self-serve shops with 16 flavors a day. They also have smoothies, acai bowls and other treats. We loved the old school vibe and the original froyo artwork on the walls. The froyo also had wonderful consistency and appearance. The flavors weren’t the best that I’ve had but I was definitely charmed.
  • Yogurt World (4646 Convoy St., San Diego, CA): Yogurt World was one of the earliest self-serve shops in the San Diego area. This is their first location; it opened in 2007. There are 16 self-serve flavors a day, including “Asian” flavors like green coconut, taro and Asian peach tart. The consistency was on the loose, icy side and the toppings didn’t look fresh.
Each of the froyo shops we visited had a different vibe. For sweet froyo, I would go to Rockie’s. For tart froyo, the choice is a bit more difficult. Chillbox is definitely different but their tart froyo is not that tart nor is it refreshing. I’d probably go to In the Mix or a chain (Pinkberry, Yogurtland).

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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