Thursday, October 20, 2016

Eighth Blogiversary of Fro-Yo Girl Speaks

Fro-yo girl here. Fro-yo Girl speaks turns 8 years old today, October 20, 2016. I’m still living in Southern California and going to different frozen yogurt shops. There are still way too many shops for me to get to all of them, though of course I’ve been to all the shops within a 20 minute drive. The shops downtown are more challenging to get to with the heat and the lack of parking.

Traveling and moving have allowed me to directly observe that frozen yogurt is much more popular in Southern California. It’s a lot warmer here and it’s warm-to-hot all year. While some froyo shops are closing, even more are still opening (believe it or not). There are fewer new shops opening in Northern California.

San Francisco is an odd city – it doesn’t have a big chain frozen yogurt shop, except Pinkberry. Yogen Fruz and Yogurtland used to have shops there. There aren’t many Menchie’s locations in the Bay Area. They’re not in San Francisco or Palo Alto. Of course both places have high rents.

The last time I visited San Francisco and had froyo at my favorite places, I was alarmed that several of them are no longer as good as they used to be. This definitely saddens me.

I’m always asked for froyo shop recommendations. My current recommendations are the following:

  • Souvla (San Francisco, CA – various locations): Their simple Greek housemade frozen yogurt is delicious and refreshing. It also pairs well with their short selection of toppings. I recommend the housemade baklava and sour cherry syrup. Their salads are simple but so good too.
  • Yoga-urt (1407 W Kenneth Rd., Glendale, CA): I didn’t know about Kenneth Village till Yoga-urt opened a little over a year ago. Their non-dairy, organic frozen yogurt is amazing – rich, creamy, with probiotics. It’s Mr. Froyo’s favorite place. I do miss the tang of cow milk yogurt that nut based milk yogurt doesn’t have but I appreciate the quality and flavors at Yoga-urt.
  • Go Greek Yogurt (Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar): Their yogurt is imported from Greece and it does taste different. They make their frozen yogurt with that Greek yogurt and it’s a rich, indulgent treat. I love that they have Greek toppings too. Try the rose preserve.
  • Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams (1954 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles): For the best scoopable frozen yogurt, head to Jeni's in Los Feliz. While Jeni's is known for ice cream, their biodynamic frozen yogurt is even better than their ice cream. The frozen yogurt bursts with tangy flavor.
Lately I’ve been obsessed with plain tart frozen yogurt with housemade baklava at Souvla. Housemade toppings are such a treat!

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Thank you so much to my fans and readers and keep eating frozen yogurt!

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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