Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hidden Froyo Gems 2016

Fro-yo girl here. What’s a hidden froyo gem? It’s a place that doesn’t have a clearly visible froyo sign. It’s a place that you might not expect to see froyo. Also, I’m limiting the list to places that serve good froyo.

I haven’t written a post about hidden froyo spots since 2008. It’s definitely time for an update. All but one of the Bay Area shops in the 2008 post have closed. This new list is for Southern California.

(300 W Main St., Alhambra, CA 91801): LOHAS Fresh Mart is the healthy, organic Asian market that opened recently in downtown Alhambra. Head to the deli for a big cup of organic frozen yogurt. They only have one flavor.

* NICOLE’S GOURMET COFFEE & CHOCOLATE (928 S Western Ave., Ste. 145, Los Angeles, CA 90006): Located in Koreatown Plaza, Nicole’s is a popular Korean café that serves coffee, patbingsoo, taiyaki and frozen yogurt. They only have one flavor of frozen yogurt, plain/original, but it’s a good flavor and $4 gets you a big cup piled high with frozen yogurt.

(334 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90034): The Middle Eastern food is tasty and you can get a mini housemade Greek froyo with topping for just $2.50. It’s a casual place so it’s easy to stroll in, order your froyo at the counter and go.

* SUNNY BLUE (2728 Main St., Santa Monica, CA 90405 & 12608A Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066): Sunny Blue has the best omusubi (Japanese rice balls). They’re made to order with warm, furikake topped rice and generous amounts of tasty, healthy Japanese fillings like miso beef, shiso ume, tuna, spicy salmon, etc. Both of their shops are adorable and both offer froyo (2 flavors a day) that they've flavored themselves. The toppings included red beans, Pocky, yuzu jam, Hello Panda, strawberries, etc.

* YALLA (multiple locations in CA, http://www.yallamedi.com/): Yalla has a set up that’s similar to Chipotle only they serve Mediterranean food; you choose your style/base and choose your protein, sauces and toppings. They have one flavor (plain) of Greek frozen yogurt that’s available with honey, chocolate, sour cherry sauce or chopped baklava. The small size is just right for dessert. Their froyo is their own proprietary recipe.

Did I miss any hidden froyo gems in Southern California? If so, let me know.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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