Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ehrmann Mixims Review

Fro-yo girl here. Ehrmann is a German yogurt brand that recently entered the US market with a product line called Mixims. The heart shaped container features three separate compartments. Each package contains plain fat free Greek yogurt with live and active cultures and two toppings. One serving is 150g and 150 calories with 1.5g total fat and at least 10g protein. It retails for $1.99. I found Mixims at Safeway for a club price of 4 for $5.

Six flavors are available: 
Cherry and Chocolate Curls; Raspberry with Dark and White Chocolate Curls; Mango Pineapple with Coconut & Almonds; Honey with Coconut & Almonds; Strawberries with Granola; Blackberry Pomegranate with Granola & Dried Fruits

* Raspberry with dark and white chocolate curls: The plain Greek yogurt is mildly tangy and lightly sweetened. They added several gums and pectin to thicken the yogurt. I found the flavor to be somewhat chalky and bland. The raspberry puree, which had some but not many seeds, was easy to stir in and the result was still bland. I liked how the puree was slightly tart and not too sweet. I hoped there would be separate white and dark chocolate curls but the white and dark chocolate were present in the same curls.

* Strawberry with granola: The strawberry puree was much sweeter than the raspberry and I didn’t see any strawberry pieces. It looked like a thick red liquid. The granola was made out of just oats. It was crunchy and lightly sweetened. I like crunchier granola made with more than just oats.

The raspberry yogurt was better than the strawberry yogurt. Muller has a similar offering but Muller has better tasting yogurt and better toppings.

3 out of 5 stars.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

About Ehrmann USA

Ehrmann USA is the American subsidiary of a German dairy production company with nearly 100 years experience in the industry. Among the leading dairies in Europe, the Ehrmann family learned the craft of yogurt-making in Bavaria's Oberschonegg in Allgau, Germany in 1929. For the US market, Ehrmann combined modern manufacturing techniques and a three-generations-old family recipe to create MIXIM, its new creamy Greek yogurt. The company remains an independent family enterprise that stands for quality, sustainability, and tradition.

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