Monday, April 14, 2014

Yogurtland Flavor Quest Continues with Dubai Vanilla Date Shake & Puerto Rico Guava Sorbet

Fro-yo girl here. Today two new exotic Flavor Quest flavors arrived at Yogurtland: Dubai Vanilla Date Shake (April 14 - May 11) and Puerto Rico Guava Sorbet (April 14 - May 11). These are the last new 2nd Annual Yogurtland Flavor Quest froyo flavors. Yes the Flavor Quest is coming to an end, sadly. The new flavors are available while supplies last.

I don’t like dates or guava but I do like trying new flavors even if I don’t think that I’ll like them.

* Dubai Vanilla Date Shake features Medjool dates, Madagascar bourbon vanilla and molasses. The date flavor isn’t overwhelming and it tastes more like dates than vanilla. I think the specks I saw were from the dates. It’s pleasant, creamy and sweet - with a warm, exotic flavor.

* Puerto Rico Guava Sorbet: This was one of their creamier and sweeter sorbets. The guava flavor is prominent. I was surprised by its sweetness.

There was a new topping this week: colorful gummi butterflies.

Keep collecting stamps on your passport till May 11th. Each stamp gives you a chance to earn prizes including the Puerto Rican adventure. Collect 10 stamps during the Flavor Quest and earn 10 free ounces on your 10th visit.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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