Friday, September 4, 2009

Blush SF Hours Before It Opens

Fro-yo girl here. Thank you Frank, for the tour of the new Blush SF! It’s just hours away from opening! Today during my visit I ran into the Taylor machine technician and his apprentice, the new employees who were there for fro-yo swirling training (the goal is to avoid the dreaded hole in the middle and produce a lovely, generous swirl), Frank’s brother/partner, and the artist responsible for the pretty flowers and butterflies on Blush’s walls. I may have even helped with the fro-yo machine calibration :-).

The store evokes images of something modern (icy looking Italian chairs, glass with bubbles in it and the Blush logo projected on it, sleek/massive flatscreen TVs – the Giants games will always be shown, iPod docking stations), upscale (stainless steel toppings bar, the new shaving station for CHOCOLATE) and eco-friendly (recycling station, green walls, recycled glass table tops – biodegradeable spoons are on the way). Breathtaking!

This is the first Blush location with six organic flavors a day. Right now they are:
* Original: a perfect original tart, with real yogurt flavor
* Blush (pomegranate-dragonfruit): a unique flavor, like no other, one of their most popular, I've fallen in love with it
* Mango: sweeter, lots of mango flavor
* Pineapple: so zingy and refreshing
* Kiwi strawberry: the lightest and sweetest
* Acai blueberry: addictive, my favorite blueberry fro-yo of them all

The plan is to offer all but the pineapple flavor every day. Pineapple will be replaced by other seasonal flavors such as pumpkin pie in October. The menu is the same as the other Blush locations: fro-yo, fro-yo parfaits (highly recommended), shaved ice w/ fro-yo, and Blush Blends (smoothies). Expect similar toppings but with a few extras thrown in (SF has more room for toppings, 36 containers in total), like the shaved chocolate, madeleines and malt balls (if they don’t melt before they get to the store).

I spied the cutest Blush t-shirt…love their logo. The picture shows the back of the shirt.

The soft opening is on Friday, Sept. 4. Enjoy a free small fro-yo with your choice of 2 toppings from 12 - 5 PM.

The grand opening is on Saturday, Sept. 5. Doors open at noon. The first 100 people get movie passes from the Metreon. They'll be giving away many prizes throughout the day.

Prizes: Tons of Apple including from iPhones, iTouch, Nanos, Shuffles, iTunes gift cards. Sony Blu Ray players and PSPs. For sports fans, win Warriors and 49ers tickets.

Safeway across the street offers free validated parking (with purchase) and it's just a few minutes from the 4th & King Caltrain station...right by AT&T Park. I can usually find parking in South Park during the weekends.

Congrats Frank, Paul, Julia, Jonathan and BLUSH!

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

* BLUSH SAN FRANCISCO: 219 King St., San Francisco, CA


Anonymous said...

When will Nubi SF going to open?

Anonymous said...

I'm heading there right when I get off work today.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try Blush froyo. Only 6 hrs and 30 mins. I have work till 1:30pm and will head straight there when I get off.

Lolia S said...

Apparently, Nubi SF is opening today. Full price, I think. It's 50% off during the grand opening celebration day on 9/19.

Anonymous said...

omg, that blush shirt is so cute!

froyogirl, do you know how we get receive one? are they selling it?

i can't wait until they open.

Lolia S said...

They're still deciding on what to do with the Blush t-shirts - they may sell them (I think they should). The picture shows the back of the shirt.

cocochanelella said...

Blush really went all out with the prize giving on opening day. I wonder how the crowd will be.

Anonymous said...

I like Nubi more than Blush

Anonymous said...

I tried Blush today. I still like Cefiore's yogurt consistency but the flavor of the mango yogurt is so strong and it does taste like mango. I like their stamp card. When you buy 8, you get one small w/2 toppings for free.

Froyo Girl,
Does Blush have other sizes? I'm new to Blush so I don't know.

Lolia S said...

Yes, Blush has three sizes of fro-yo: small, medium and large. Plus I recommend trying their parfaits, Blush Blends (smoothies) and shaved ice.

Anonymous said...

blush was amazing today! i see what all the yelp buzz was all about.