Saturday, January 31, 2009

Opening Day Coverage of ZuckerSuss

Fro-yo girl here. As I arrived a few minutes after noon, I missed the ribbon cutting ceremony for Zuckersuss (translation: Sugar Sweet in German). There was quite a turnout. Matt, one of the owners, was in a tuxedo handing out coupons for a cup of free fro-yo and surrounded by well wishers. We waited in a single file line for a turn with the fro-yo machines. While there were two machines, they both dispensed the same flavor: original tart.

The shop has a comfy, lounge like feel with white sofas, white tables, Pepto Bismol pink colored walls and a white piano. They hope to add an acoustic guitar soon. Hmm, that’s different.

I liked the taste of their creamy, tangy fro-yo with live and active cultures, the compostable cups and spoons and the fact that they’ve brought fro-yo to a fro-yoless city. I hope they make it but I think they should consider a few changes.

* Pricing: 59 cents an ounce is MUCH higher than any other self-serve fro-yo shop and doesn’t seem to fit the locale (Hayward). Perhaps they could offer a student discount, bonus card, and a discount with a movie ticket stub. Either that or start providing gourmet toppings like homemade mochi, housemade granola, almondina, cocoa nibs, etc. I noticed the farmer’s market is just a block away. Maybe they could buy their fruit there. At 59 cents an ounce, I’m expecting to see something different.

Update: I'm told it's actually 49 cents an ounce which seems reasonable given the yogurt quality. And they do offer a discount with a movie ticket stub from the Century theater in the same complex.

* Lack of variety: What’s with only offering one flavor of fro-yo? Since there are two machines, offer two flavors. The main draw of self-serve fro-yo is variety.

Update: They are looking for new flavors that are all natural and meet their quality standards.

* Add more signs: Maybe the signs are still on the way but you should have the price per ounce posted, the fro-yo flavor posted and instructions (pick a cup, add fro-yo, add toppings, weigh and pay). Also put some large, attractive pictures of fro-yo in the window. It's not obvious when you drive by that Zuckersuss is a fro-yo shop.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

* ZUCKERSUSS: 1081 B St., Hayward, CA

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Anonymous said...

What a great setting. Yogurt is delicious and staff very engaging.