Sunday, January 25, 2009

Golden Cherry Fro-Yo Flavor Arrives at Cefiore

Fro-yo girl here. Many thanks to my anonymous reader, for the tip about the new Golden Cherry flavor at Cefiore. It’s currently available at the Montgomery St. location and the SF Westfield Mall location.

Golden cherry. There’s something exotic and appealing about the name of the flavor. What is a golden cherry? It doesn’t exist but the Golden Cherry flavor at Cefiore blends acerola cherry with blood orange. The fro-yo looks like a pale golden peachy pink.

The acerola cherry, also known as the West Indian cherry or Barbados cherry is found in Central America, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. The bright red fruit is particularly high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. The flavor is sour and citrus like. I haven’t had acerola cherry before, and it was mixed with something I could recognize (blood orange) so perhaps that’s why I didn’t taste cherry in the Golden Cherry fro-yo.

Cherry or no cherry, I liked the golden cherry fro-yo by Sambazon. The flavor of the blood orange makes it the tartest of the Cefiore flavors though it still isn’t above average in tartness. The flavor is definitely there but it’s not overpowering, allowing you to enjoy the complementary milky flavor of the original fro-yo base. The texture is soft, creamy and icy at the same time.

Cefiore claims that Golden Cherry fro-yo will help boost your immune system. And it has live, active cultures.

Tip: The Montgomery location is much better than the mall location. Yes, the fro-yo is better there. They’re better about handling their mixes and calibrating the fro-yo machines. They even have softer mochi balls.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

* CEFIORE: 59 New Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA 94105
* CEFIORE: 845 Market St., #277, San Francisco, CA 94104


Anonymous said...

It is available at the Westfield location. We don't have a poster saying we have the new flavor but they do have it.

Lolia S said...

Thanks so much for the correction!

Anonymous said...

I disagreed with the tip posted. I think the yogurt and mochi balls are equally yummy and soft at the Westfield location.