Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Vaping Froyo? The Rise of Froyo Flavored E-Juice

Fro-yo girl here. I don’t smoke so I didn’t pay much attention to the rising popularity of e-cigarettes. I have noticed that vape shops are popping up everywhere. I wasn’t sure how e-cigarettes worked. E-cigarettes are battery powered vaporizers and the user inhales an aerosol or vapor. The e-cigarette heats the liquid (aka e-liquid). E-liquids/e-juice can contain water, nicotine, flavorings, etc. Users are known as vapers.

I recently stumbled across a new product announcement on Instagram, with a picture of froyo (and glazed donuts). The product was an e-liquid for e-cigarettes.

People review e-liquids. ElevatedVaping.com said the following:

“So What is Fro-Yo all about? You know it has frozen yogurt, but what else is Fro-Yo by Nick's Blissful Brews all about? Well, Fro-Yo is a frozen yogurt blend with berry undertones and tartly sweet and juicy peaches. The primary notes in this e liquid is blueberry and blackberry with subtle hints of peach enough to create wondrous tones of a perfectly balanced flavor. This e liquid is a warming and bright flavor all at the same time. If you love frozen yogurt, this e juice will more than likely be your all day vape.”

You can buy Nick’s Blissful Brews Froyo E-liquid for $13 a bottle from MangoVape.


Dr. Fog makes strawberry froyo: http://mangovape.com/product/nicks-blissful-brews-e-liquid-froyo/

Annex from Versus Vape is a Peach Mango froyo flavor e-liquid: http://www.giantvapes.com/annex/

Vaping Juice offers Blueberry Frozen Yogurt e-juice: http://vapingjuices.com/product/blueberry-frozen-yogurt-flavored-e-juice/

The Yogen Fog line of froyo e-juice looks like a Yogen Fruz ripoff: http://premiumlabs.ca/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=68

I would only be willing to try froyo e-juice with zero nicotine…which does exist. E-juice comes in donut and boba milk tea flavors too. I don't want to buy the e-cigarette though.

Have any of you tried froyo e-juice?

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

Looking for more frozen yogurt news, discussion boards, and resources? Check out the International Frozen Yogurt Association website at http://internationalfrozenyogurt.com/. The IFYA is the independent voice of the frozen yogurt industry.


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