Monday, September 1, 2014

New at Yogurtland: Vegas Weekend 2 New Flavors & New Spoons

Fro-yo girl here. Love Vegas? Yogurtland's Ultimate Summer promotion continues with Vegas Weekend-inspired flavors and new collectible shimmery pink spoons. Live it up poolside with two new sorbet flavors that seem sinful but aren’t.

* Dark chocolate sorbet: “Delicious, decadent cocoa, luxuriously blended for a silky, rich sorbet that’s so Vegas, baby.” The flavor lives up to the description. It’s surprisingly rich for a sorbet and tastes just like dark chocolate – so it’s not that sweet. Have it on its own.

* Strawberry margarita sorbet: “Cheers, Vegas! Made with real strawberries and real limes, this sweet beat-the-heat treat will have you thinking you just hit the flavor jackpot.” I’m not sure how similar it tastes to a mocktail but it’s mostly a sweet strawberry flavor with a hint of lime that makes it a little tangy. You can see bits of strawberry in the pretty pink colored sorbet. It’s thick and smooth yet not heavy. Suggested toppings: fresh berries, mochi & lime wedges

These flavors are available for a limited time only so try them before it’s too late. Some Ultimate Summer flavors do run out early (e.g., S’mores and Caramel Macchiato).

Remember to collect your Hot Spot icons with your Real Rewards app. Earn free froyo with every 3rd visit during the Ultimate Summer promotion. Thanks Yogurtland for making this the Ultimate Summer!

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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