Monday, September 15, 2014

Let’s Make Froyo the State Food of California

Fro-yo girl here. Listen up froyo fans, there’s a new petition on to make frozen yogurt the official state food of California. Being named the official state food is an honor for the frozen yogurt industry and a recognition of the importance of frozen yogurt to California.

The goal is to get as many signatures as possible so sign it and tell others to sign. We can do this!

Reasons Why Frozen Yogurt Should Be the State Food of California

While frozen yogurt was invented in New England in the 1970s, the new wave of frozen yogurt was popularized in California. The second wave started when Pinkberry opened its doors in 2005. The Pinkberry brand has been designed and managed by a LA-based branding firm called Ferroconcrete. It has appeared in numerous TV shows,  including Gossip Girl and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Pinkberry is in the Urban Dictionary - the definition is: "Los Angeles frozen yogurt chain that's more addictive than crack."

Pinkberry's public relations strategy involved leveraging the popularity of Pinkberry with celebrities. Celebrities  (e.g., the Beckhams, Reese Witherspoon, Mila Kunis, Britney Spears, Jennifer Garner, Rachel Zoe, Charlize Theron, Rob Lowe) living in LA have often been captured visiting frozen yogurt shops by paparazzi.

Both Pinkberry and Red Mango opened their first US shops in the Los Angeles area and California is the home to the leading players of the frozen yogurt industry, including Pinkberry, Yogurtland, Menchie’s, Tutti Frutti, Cherry on Top, Nubi Yogurt, and Golden Spoon. Chains like Pinkberry, Yogurtland and Menchie's have the majority of their locations in California.

California has the most frozen yogurt shops and is second in yogurt production (behind New York). California has inspired frozen yogurt shops across the world. Some shops are named after CA, including California Berry in the Philippines, California Yogurt Kraze in Alabama and California Frozen Yogurt in Margate, NJ. Honey Hill Farms, a leading frozen yogurt mix producer, has a frozen yogurt flavor called California Tart.

Sign the petition today!

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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