Monday, December 2, 2013

New Winter Flavors from Yogurtland: Round Four

Fro-yo girl here. They’re here! This week’s Walking in a Winter Yogurtland new seasonal flavors have arrived at Yogurtland: Chocolate mousse pie and Egg nog. The new flavors are in stores for a limited time only, just one week or while supplies last.

* Chocolate mousse pie: “Our gift to all the chocolate lovers out there. Gourmet cocoa, chocolate cookie and a dash of coffee extract combine for a velvety, smooth, seasonal chocolate sensation.” Those of you who follow my blog know that I don’t like chocolate froyo. So many of them taste like cocoa/fudge to me with few differences that I can discern. Sadly, this chocolate mousse pie tasted like a fudgsicle to me. I didn’t notice the chocolate cookie or coffee extract. The texture was creamy and smooth.

* Egg nog: I remember Egg nog froyo from last year’s holiday promotion at Yogurtland, Yuletide Yumminess. “Simple, delicious and full of holiday cheer. Real nutmeg and a hint of vanilla combine for a flavor we can all toast to.” I don’t like egg nog but I found this flavor pleasant. The egg nog flavor wasn’t too strong and I did taste the vanilla. It seemed sweeter than usual. It’s creamy and rich.

I spotted some new seasonal toppings: Chocolate nonpareils and Oreo cookie disks. The Oreo cookie disks are twice the size of a typical Oreo cookie. They are adorable! It’s too bad that I saw them after I already put froyo in my cup. Next time I’m going to make froyo cookie sandwiches...with next week’s new flavor, vanilla custard.

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Next week more new seasonal froyo flavors: Vanilla Custard and Cinnamon Roll.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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