Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fro-yo Shop Dislikes

Fro-yo girl here. In my last post I discussed tactics for drawing me back to a fro-yo shop. On the flip side, I now look at tactics that discourage a return visit. These are my top frozen yogurt shop dislikes:

1. Of course the main offense is bad frozen yogurt - frozen yogurt that tastes artificial and isn’t the proper texture.

2. The shop isn’t squeaky clean

3. The shop is stingy about samples. Some places even limit how many samples you can ask for. Also, when the shop has many fro-yo flavors and only gives you one sample cup, they’re sending the message that they’re stingy.

4. Toppings aren’t on display. This isn’t an issue with self-serve shops because the toppings are accessible. Some full serve shops don’t display their toppings. I like to see how fresh the fruit is before I have it added to my fro-yo.

5. Toppings aren’t labeled. While most toppings are obvious, some aren’t so obvious.

6. Price isn’t displayed. I shouldn’t have to ask what the price is.

7. Uncomfortable environment - e.g., bad music, too many kids, ugly decor

8. Toppings aren’t fresh

9. Only gigantic fro-yo cups are offered. It's harder to make your fro-yo look pretty in a gigantic cup.

10. Promotions and/or gift cards are location specific even though the shop has multiple locations

11. Fro-yo flavors don’t or very rarely change

12. No tart fro-yo flavor offered

13. Cash only

14. Styrofoam cups can have old school charm but they aren’t eco friendly

15. Artificially colored bright frozen yogurt

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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