Saturday, May 21, 2011

The DailyGobble Blog, DailyGobble Presents: FroYo Battle!

The DailyGobble Blog, DailyGobble Presents: FroYo Battle!

Thought this was worth reposting...there are only a few more days to take advantage of the DailyGobble offer. Also, Pinkberry Lychee is going away soon, so you'd better get your fill now:

Red Mango or Pinkberry: Which one is your favorite FroYo shop? Show your support!

From today through May 24, go to any Red Mango or Pinkberry location (New York or San Francisco), and DailyGobble will give you $3.25 back!

The offer is valid at all Red Mango and Pinkberry locations in NYC and selected locations in the SF Bay Area.

To claim your deal, upload your receipt through the DailyGobble website or their free smartphone (iPhone and Android) apps and provide DailyGobble with your Paypal ID to get your rebate within 24 hours.


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thanks for the heads up!

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