Friday, June 16, 2017

Father’s Day 2017 Froyo Specials

Fro-yo girl here. Dads, including mine, love froyo. They deserve froyo on Father’s Day. Here’s the list of places with Father’s Day froyo specials, in alphabetical order. Unless noted, all these specials are good on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 18, 2017.
  • 3 Spoons (Waco, TX): 50% off for dads
  • Alpine Chill: Free 16 oz cup for dads
  • CherryBerry (Haines Ave., Rapid City, SD): Bring your dad in for 3 oz free
  • Chiller Bee: Free froyo for dads
  • Di'lishi Greensboro: 3 ozs free for dad 
  • Feeney's: Tell the cashier you are celebrating Father's Day for 4 oz free
  • Froco Fresh Frozen: $4 flat rate cups
  • Froyo Earth: Buy two, get one free or buy one, get one 50% off
  • Froyo Heavenly Cafe: Bring your dad for 25% off your entire order from 2-9 PM
  • FroYo Junction (Junction City, KS): Bring your dad and ask for 20% off 
  • Froyoland: Buy one, get one free all Father's Day weekend
  • Frozen Yogurt Bar (Arles, France): Buy a cup for yourself, get dad's cup for free
  • House of Yogurt: Buy yours, get 50% off of his
  • Iceyo (West Hollywood, CA): Buy one, get one free for yogurt, smoothies, ice floats and sodas
  • La Creme: Buy one, get one free up to $5 at all three locations 
  • Limeberry (Dallas, TX): Dads eat free
  • Menchie's (Tyler, TX): First 5 oz free for dads
  • Menchie's (Maple Ridge, BC): Buy your cup, get dad's cup for free
  • Mojo Yogurt: Dad's froyo or smoothie is 50% off 
  • My Mochi Yogurt (Jacksonville, FL): 8 oz free for dads
  • Orange Leaf: Dads get a free beginner cup of froyo
  • Oregon Froyo: Buy your cup, get dad's cup free
  • Purple Penguin: 10% for dads
  • Qoola: 25% off froyo from 3 PM - 6 PM
  • Red Mango (McAllen, TX): 20% off any item
  • Simple Sugars: 10% off for dads
  • Sweet CeCe’s: $1 Sweet Cups for dads
  • sweetFrog (Danville, VA): 50% off for dads
  • sweetFrog: Buy dad a cup of froyo on Father's Day, get a Leap Back card good for a return visit 
  • Swirl Bliss: Buy one yogurt, get one half off for dad
  • Swirl It (Gilbert, AZ): Dads receive 6oz of free froyo 
  • TCBY: the annual free 6 oz of froyo for dads event is back at participating locations
  • The Skinny Dip Ghent: Tell the dipper on duty why you love your dad so much and dad gets his bowl of froyo for free, discount up to $3 off with purchase of an additional item of greater value
  • Twist (Portland, OR): Dads get 5 oz free froyo
  • Urban Swirl (Granger): Up to 6 oz free for dad with purchase of any other froyo
  • Yogurt Beach (Kennewick): Buy a cup of froyo, get dad's free, offer valid with equal or greater purchase
  • Yogurt Breeze (Lake Nona, FL): 3 oz free for fathers
  • Yogurtland (Fairfield, TX): $1 off for dads
  • Yogurtys: Bring your dad and he gets 50% off froyo
  • YoYo's Yogurt Cafe: Buy yours, get dad's free
  • Zoyo (AZ): Dads get a free root beer float or 6 oz of yogurt

I’ll keep updating this list as I learn about more Father’s Day froyo specials. Many shops announce these specials on or the day before Father’s Day. Ask your local shop if they have a Father’s Day froyo specials. Or, order a froyo cake for your dad.

Happy Father’s Day to all froyo loving dads!

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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