Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Froyo Wish List for 2017

Fro-yo girl here. It’s the new year and time for my ninth annual froyo wish list. Before I share my wishes, I’d like to review my 2016 wishes.

My 2016 wishes:

* Going to more countries to try their froyo (e.g., Llaollao, Frozen by a Thousand Blessings, Sour Sally, Berry Culture, The Local Frozen Yogurt, Pick Yo)

Update: This didn’t happen. I didn’t even leave California.

* I'm still looking for good tart froyo at the supermarket (or popsicles).

Update: Jeni’s Ice Creams always makes wonderful froyo. While they’re carried by supermarkets, very few carry their frozen yogurt flavors. However, I live in LA, so I can always go to the Jeni’s scoop shop for froyo.

* Collecting froyo spoons from other countries, including the Hello Kitty spoon from Yogen Fruz Mexico, the Hello Kitty spoon from Yoppi Yogurt Taiwan, Moyo spoons, Sour Sally hand spoons, etc. I still need Joji spoons from Florida.

Update: I didn’t have any luck with the spoons I mentioned but a friend brought back some special froyo spoons from Norway.

For 2017, my froyo wishes are:

  • To try Pinkberry Pops: They’re now available in UAE, KSA, Lebanon, Qatar and Turkey. I would love to try one without traveling to the Middle East!
  • To try Llaollao: Llaollao seems to be everywhere (e.g., Russia, Slovenia, Cambodia, Uruguay, Chile, El Salvador) except North America.
  • For Menchie’s to add flavor finder feature on the Menchie’s My Smileage mobile app: I’d like easy access to list of flavors carried by specific Menchie’s locations
  • For Daphne’s Greek to be converted to their new concept, Yalla somewhere close to me: I’d like a closer Yalla so that I can get my Greek froyo w/ baklava fix on a regular basis. I’m obsessed. I doubt Souvla SF would open here any time soon.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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