Friday, January 27, 2017

Egg Tarts and Froyo

Fro-yo girl here. My Yelp friend, Stephen D., suggested that I try egg tarts (dan tats, egg custard tarts) as a froyo topping. I like egg tarts and I liked the idea of a warm tart with its flaky shell and creamy filling contrasting with cold froyo. I was inspired by Chinese New Year to make this combination a reality.

The first challenge is finding a good egg tart. I haven’t found the perfect one yet but right now I like the ones at Kee Wah Bakery the best.

This time I tried a bakery I hadn’t been to before, Domies Bakery, because I read good things about their egg tarts. The egg tarts were still warm when I purchased them. They had delicate deep, flaky shells. I took my tart over to Yogurtland. I would love to have the egg tart with milk tea froyo but since I can’t find that flavor, I opted for peanut butter froyo. Chinese people like peanuts…and Yogurtland’s peanut butter froyo is really delicious – creamy, milky and peanutty. It’s balanced – the yogurt doesn’t overwhelm the peanut butter flavor and vice versa.

My Domies egg tart wasn’t creamy and custardy but the shell was still nice and flaky. The egg tart was huge. I think next time I should chop it up before adding it to the froyo. 

I tried JJ Bakery's Taiwanese style egg tart with Yogurtland's matcha green tea froyo. The Taiwanese egg tart has a thin cookie like crust. JJ's egg tart had that nice creamy custardy consistency and neither the custard nor the cookie were too sweet. The flavors were neutral enough to go with any froyo flavor.

The next thing I’d like to try is a milk tea affogato: a swirl of froyo topped with milk tea.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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