Thursday, February 25, 2016

Westchester County, NY/CT Froyo Report

Fro-yo girl here. Westchester County is a huge county in the suburbs of New York City, covering 450 square miles. I visited various small towns but didn’t see most of the county. During my visit, I noticed that most small towns had at least one froyo shop but a fair number have closed. Peachwave was the chain that I saw the most often though some of their locations like the one in Mount Kisco, NY had recently closed (permanently).

Rural Connecticut was similar with nicer towns like Greenwich sporting a Pinkberry. The Pinkberry at Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall had just opened.

Here’s a list of froyo shops in other cities that I visited:
  • Ridgefield, CT: Peachwave, Swizzles (closed)
  • Danbury, CT: Peachwave, Yogen Fruz, 21 Taste (closed)
  • Bethel, CT: Peachwave
  • Greenwich, CT: Pinkberry, Rosie’s, Yogurt City
  • New Canaan, CT: Swirl, Peachwave (closed August 2015), Red Mango (closed August 2014)
  • Port Chester, NY: Bubbles & Berry
A 2011 article about frozen yogurt in Westchester Magazine has a list of frozen yogurt shops by the year that the shop opened. I’ve looked into which shops are still open.

Opened 2011
  • Frannie’s Goodie Shop, Mount Kisco: I visited the shop and it’s nice, they have many toppings and lots more besides frozen yogurt, including cupcakes, cookies, muffins, donuts, etc.
  • Nuts About Yogurt, Eastchester: Closed permanently
  • Pearl Yogurt, White Plains: Closed permanently
  • Yogo Berry, Tarrytown: Closed permanently
Opened 2010
  • Go Greenberry, Dobbs Ferry: Name changed to Go Greenly
  • Go Greenberry, Scarsdale: Name changed to Go Greenly
  • Red Mango, Larchmont
  • Treat Frozen Yogurt, Cross River: Closed permanently
  • Yogo Berry, Larchmont 
  • Yogo Berry, Mount Kisco: Closed permanently
  • Yogo Joy, Scarsdale: Closed permanently
Opened 2009
  • Yogo Berry, Scarsdale: Closed permanently
  • Yogo Joy, Rye: Closed permanently
The majority of the shops in the article have closed for good, though new ones have opened since the article was published. I noticed most of the small towns now have juice shops.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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