Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Froyo Shop Openings and Closings in California 2015

Fro-yo girl here. California is a mighty large state and it’s difficult to track every froyo shop opening and closing. The openings are easier to track. Shops generally close quietly, sometimes with no announcement. It’s also more difficult for me to track shops outside of the Bay Area and Los Angeles, yet that’s where most of the action is at these days. 

Here’s my (imperfect) attempt to track froyo shop openings and closings in California this year:

  1. Bailey’s Frozen Yogurt, Escondido
  2. Blush Organic Frozen Yogurt, Pleasanton
  3. Buono Vita Yogurt, Rancho Murieta
  4. Coolberry, Glendora
  5. Crème Bee, Alhambra
  6. CUPS, Northridge
  7. Easy Breezy, Castro, San Francisco
  8. Forever Yogurt,  Morgan Hill
  9. Frozen Flavors, Santa Rosa
  10. Frozen Yogurt Spot, Sebastopol
  11. Go Greek Yogurt, Canoga Park
  12. Green Apple Yogurt, El Monte
  13. IceKrave, North Hollywood
  14. Kiwifrost, Rancho Cucamonga
  15. Major Brain Freeze, Rialto
  16. Menchie’s, Corona
  17. Menchie’s, Folsom
  18. Menchie’s, Fresno
  19. Menchie’s, Murrieta
  20. Menchie’s, Oceanside
  21. Menchie’s, Palmdale
  22. Menchie's, Santa Rosa
  23. Menchie's, Carlsbad
  24. Menchie's, Oceanside
  25. Menchie's, Bell Gardens
  26. Menchie's, Clovis
  27. Menchie’s,  San Jose Mineta International Airport
  28. Menchie’s, Riverside Dr., Fresno
  29. MiaBella, Vista
  30. Mickey’s Frozen Yogurt, Fresno
  31. Midtown Cafe, Mountain View
  32. Myo, Seaside
  33. Pit Stop Froyo & More, Burbank
  34. SnapFit, Canoga Park
  35. Summit Swirl, Truckee
  36. Sweet & Swirly, Port Hueneme
  37. Sweetfrog, Camarillo
  38. Sweetfrog, Victorville
  39. Sweet's Yogurt, Riverside
  40. Tasti D-Lite, Santa Monica
  41. YoBoLand, Tarzana
  42. Yogurt Blast, Duarte
  43. Yoga-urt, Glendale
  44. Yogurt Mill, Turlock
  45. Yogurtland, Alameda Landing, Alameda
  46. Yogurtland, Irvine Spectrum
  47. Yogurtland, Santa Teresa, San Jose
  48. Yogurtland, Canoga Park
  49. Yogurtland, Chino
  50. Yogurtland, Lynwood
  51. Yogurtland, Montebello
  52. Yogurtland, Compton
  53. Yogurtland, West Covina (on S Azusa Ave.)
  54. Yogurtland, Mountain View
  55. Yogurtland, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles
  56. Yogurtland, San Luis Obispo
  57. Yogurtland, La Quinta
  58. Yogurtland, Indio
  59. Yogurtland, Studio City
  1. Bali’s, San Luis Obispo
  2. BrazzleBerry, Half Moon Bay
  3. Cherry on Top, Monrovia
  4. Cherry on Top, Fullerton
  5. Cherry on Top, Mission Viejo
  6. Chilaberries, Manteca
  7. Coco Swirl, Walnut Creek
  8. CUPS, Westminster
  9. Flavory Yogurt, Seal Beach
  10. FroyoFace, Burbank
  11. Frozen Yogurt Spot, Sebastopol
  12. FruittiYogi, Alameda
  13. Golden Spoon, Irvine
  14. Golden Spoon, Escondido
  15. Golden Spoon, Del Mar
  16. Golden Spoon, Walnut
  17. Golden Spoon, Seal Beach
  18. Golden Spoon, Lake Forest
  19. Honeyberry, Berkeley
  20. Honeyberry, Milpitas
  21. Menchie’s, Orange
  22. Menchie's, Torrance
  23. Pinkberry, Brea
  24. Pinkberry, Davis
  25. Pinkberry, Irvine Spectrum
  26. Pinkberry, Old Town Pasadena
  27. Pinkberry, Santa Ana
  28. Pinkberry, Westfield Topanga, Canoga Park
  29. Pinkberry, Westlake Village
  30. Pure Yum, Fremont
  31. Red Berry, Commerce
  32. Red Mango, Mineta San Jose International Airport
  33. Skinny Sippin, San Carlos
  34. Sweet XO, Arcadia
  35. Sweet XO, El Segundo
  36. Sweet XO, Huntington Beach
  37. Sweet XO, Thousand Oaks
  38. Tutti Frutti, Azusa
  39. Yippee Yogurt, Tracy
  40. Yogofina, Pleasanton
  41. Yogoholic, Pleasanton
  42. Yogurt Factory, Los Angeles
  43. Yogurt Island, Torrance
  44. Yogurtland, Sawtelle, Los Angeles
  45. Yogurtouille, San Mateo
  46. Yolo, Mill Valley
  47. Yoogl, Mountain View
  48. Yoppi Yogurt, Oakland
  49. Yoppi Yogurt, Polk St., San Francisco
  50. Yoppi Yogurt, Stonestown Galleria, San Francisco
Opening soon

  1. Chillbox, San Diego
  2. Chillbox, Sacramento
  3. Chillbox, Orange County
  4. Forever Yogurt, Walnut Creek
  5. Go Greek Yogurt, Newport Beach
  6. Go Greek Yogurt, Corona Del Mar 
Change of ownership/closed & reopened the same year

Menchie’s, Ventura

Interestingly, frozen yogurt shop openings outpace closings (yay for California froyo). The growth is mostly coming from Yogurtland and Menchie’s while chains also account for the majority of the  closings. Menchie’s is growing in Central California. Yogurtland is solidifying its hold on SoCal. Other chains have been closing, including Golden Spoon, Sweet XO, Cherry on Top and Pinkberry. What's going on at Sweet XO; they only have one location left.

I didn't count the non-traditional locations for froyo machines; they appeared at Ralph's, Circle K, a Union 76 gas station, Rite Aid, etc. 

Expect to see more authentic Greek yogurt next year, with new locations for Chillbox and Go Greek. The Chillbox location in San Diego will be its first in California.

Support your favorite frozen yogurt shops.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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