Sunday, August 9, 2009

FruittiYogi Grand Opening Coverage

Fro-yo girl here. FruittiYogi, in downtown Alameda, was the second grand opening I attended on August 8th. Apparently the soft opening occurred on August 7th. They had a friendly employee stationed outside the shop offering people small plain cups and free fro-yo.

The fro-yo was free from 12 – 2 PM and 50% off afterwards. During the grand opening celebration, a paying customer received a raffle ticket with a chance to win WiiFit, Nintendo Wii and and iPod Nano.

FruittiYogi is a self-serve fro-yo shop (38 cents an ounce) that has 10 flavors a day, including sweet fro-yo, tart fro-yo and dairy-free sorbets. They don’t seem to sell anything other than fro-yo. The tart fro-yo flavors are quite icy. It seems like your average self-serve place though they had a few flavors that aren’t as common, such as pink lemonade and pomegranate with energy boost.

The shop colors are tangerine and bright green. They had some FruittiYogi tee-shirts and caps on display (not sure why – perhaps you can win those too?).

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

* FRUITTIYOGI: 2321 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, CA

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