Saturday, August 15, 2009

Exchange Your Blood for Free Fro-yo

The Tuttimelon/Red Cross blood drive continues. The Tuttimelon blood drive moves to Alameda and San Mateo next month. Give blood and get free fro-yo in return. Sign up online for an appointment.


9/8/09 @ SAN MATEO

* TUTTIMELON: 2402 Central Ave., Alameda, CA
* TUTTIMELON: 165 E. 4th St., San Mateo, CA


Roy said...

Thanks for posting our Blood Drive events! Our past blood drives have been very successful and we will give our greatest effort to continue our support to the Bay Area Red Cross at all our store locations in the next few months.

Everyone, please support Red Cross and donate blood!

Save lifes and enjoy our free tuttilicious frozen yogurt!

Schedules and location

Lolia S said...

Roy, you're my hero :-). The blood for fro-yo drive is a great idea. There is a critical blood shortage going on right now (actually it's been going on for years). Donated blood can only be kept for 42 days, so a fresh supply is always needed.

Anonymous said...

what's the new opening date for Blush SF?

Lolia S said...

It's Sept. 4th apparently. I might not be in town that weekend :-(.

Anonymous said...

That sucks. I will be working that day.

Anonymous said...

I heard there will be more Tuttimelon shops opening in SF. Can you give me some hint Roy?

I love Tuttimelon!

Anonymous said...

We need a self-serve Tuttimelon here.

Anonymous said...

Self-serve is inferior

Roy said...

Thanks and remember please help Red Cross and donate blood. There are many people needs help.

As for location, I want to save the locations for surprises. But stay tuned, you will find out the news from froyo girl's blog soon.