Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tuttimelon Union City Friends & Family Night Coverage

Fro-yo girl here. I thought my Tuttimelon obsession was scary but I met someone who is even more Tuttimelon obsessed than I am, Roy L’s partner and store manager of the Union City location, Patrick Wong. His enthusiasm for Tuttimelon can truly be characterized as extremely passionate (and yes, scary). Patrick was Roy’s fro-yo apprentice for six months and he’s committed to making Tuttimelon a household name (Tuttimelon world domination). Roy and Patrick live, eat, and breathe fro-yo (and they barely sleep).

The Union City location is the jewel in the Tuttimelon crown, the largest Tuttimelon shop and their first self-serve location. They want to raise the quality level of self-serve fro-yo, emphasize customer service and create a fun environment for hanging out. The space feels like a cross between a lounge/night club. During the friends and family private event, they had a DJ on hand, unlimited fro-yo and lots of picture taking.

Expect to be greeted by a friendly face upon entry. The Tuttimelon greeter will assist you with samples. Then you’re free to pick up a cup and start swirling (there are 10 flavors to choose from, 38 cents an ounce). They’ll even help you pick out toppings if want. They may even come by and offer you a beverage.

I had the privilege of seeing the prep/storage area and the Tuttimobile. What’s a Tuttimobile?? It’s a car plastered with the Tuttimelon logo. Patrick hopes to install a fro-yo machine inside and take it to special events. He also promised me a ride in the Tuttimobile.

For the grand opening event on Saturday, April 11th, be sure to arrive early. I’m told that the first 50 customers will receive a special Tuttimelon branded gift and the first 500 customers will be entered into a raffle for various prizes. Also be on the lookout for 25% off coupons. It should be the biggest Tuttimelon grand opening event thus far.

Congrats to Patrick, Roy and the entire Tuttimelon family!

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

* TUTTIMELON UNION CITY: 33280 Dyer St., Union City, CA


Jennifer T said...

This really sound exciting to know! Thanks for sharing!

Hazel said...

Thank you! Finally we have one here in UC. I'm totally gonna be there!