Thursday, November 13, 2014

Free Ad-Supported Frozen Yogurt Cups & Dividers are Coming Soon

Fro-yo girl here. Froyo shops, think about how much you could save every month if you could stop paying for frozen yogurt cups. The first batch of ad supported FREE frozen yogurt cups and dividers are coming soon from

How It Works

While ad supported cups and dividers are new to frozen yogurt, they certainly aren’t new to food establishments. Most of you have seen coffee sleeve advertising for years. Coffeehouses often receive the ad-supported coffee sleeves for free. Major companies like Microsoft (for Windows Mobile 6), Yahoo, Southwest, Chevron and CBS have utilized coffee sleeve advertising. Free ad supported frozen yogurt cups work the same way. is building its network of frozen yogurt shops that are interested in ad-supported frozen yogurt cups and dividers. 
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Ad-supported 16 oz. frozen yogurt cups and cup dividers are free for frozen yogurt shops that sign up for the program. The cost of the cups and dividers are paid for by the placement of ads on the cups. These ads will be family friendly and tasteful. And because these cups will be attractive, it will help elevate the image of your frozen yogurt store while saving your shop thousands of dollars a month.

The ad supported cups and dividers will be high quality food safe paper stock, the same cups and dividers that sells to thousands of frozen yogurt stores.

About's Yogurt Cups’s frozen yogurt cups begin with high quality USA food grade double poly paper. Both the exterior and interior of the cup are coated with poly film to ensure the cup's structure will not be compromised by frozen treats. The cups are manufactured according to our strict quality control guidelines to produce a sturdy cup that is perfect for the delicious frozen dessert. Designs are printed using food grade soy inks.

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Since the beginning of the frozen yogurt revolution and boom several years ago, has been there every step of the way with our clients. To make the dreams of our clients possible, we established the low minimum order quantity for custom print that shattered industry standards. By shifting the paradigm we enabled businesses of all sizes to harness the powers of their brand and build the foundation they need to grow into franchises. We have seen many clients start from one single store to dozens and hundreds of locations around the world. We have grown with them to become the leading disposable product supplier for the frozen yogurt industry. Nonetheless, we are never content with the status quo, we are constantly seeking for ways to better serve our clients. We are still the pioneers that make the impossible a reality for business owners.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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