Wednesday, April 2, 2014

FroYoVider Cup Divider Review

Fro-yo girl here. I recently had the opportunity to try FroYoVider frozen yogurt cup dividers. FroYoViders allow you to create 2 to 3 compartments in your froyo cup. The FroYoVider is smaller than other cup dividers because it doesn’t have the rounded dome design but ends at the top of the cup. The divider is matte white and plain, except for the FroYoVider stamp. The starter kit comes with a nice looking clear acrylic dispenser that can be placed on a flat surface or mounted to a wall.

* Is it safe?
It’s made out of recyclable paperboard stock and FDA approved food safe materials.

* Does it get soggy? I left the FroYoVider in my cup for 10 minutes. The divider did not get soggy.

* Easy to use? Yes. You can put it into your cup as is or fold the two ends if you want 3 compartments. Or you can easily create more compartments by using more than one FroYoVider in your cup. You can adjust the size of each compartment.

* Is it effective? The frozen yogurt flavors stayed in their separate compartments though once the yogurt melts, some leakage can occur between compartments.

* Good design? It’s an elegant, flexible design for someone who doesn’t overload the frozen yogurt cup. If the froyo exceeds the height of the cup, the flavors might touch again. Also, it's harder to scoop the froyo out of the corners where the cup and the divider meet because of the sharp angles.

While I’m not among the group of people who don’t want my froyo flavors to touch, I do know people who really like cup dividers. And if I wanted to get flavors that don’t complement each other in the same cup, I would greatly appreciate a cup divider.

FroYoVider's mission is "to enhance the self-serve frozen yogurt experience." All FroYoViders are made in the USA from FDA approved materials and are completely recyclable.

FroYoViders are currently available at all Orange Leaf Locations US and Australia and in April, will be launched at a large franchise. After the launch, you'll be able to find FroYoViders at close to 700 frozen yogurt franchises across the US.

You can purchase FroYoViders from the following:

For additional information about FroYoVider, visit or contact

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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