Thursday, June 14, 2012

Woman’s World You Deserve the Best Frozen Yogurt

Fro-yo girl here. I was recently approached by Woman’s World for supermarket fro-yo recommendations for their You Deserve the Best Frozen Yogurt feature. One of my picks appear in the June 25th issue, on sale on newsstands from June 14 - 20. A woman in a pink bikini is on the cover. You can find my pick in the article entitled “You deserve the best frozen yogurt.”

Here are the rest of my favorite supermarket frozen yogurt products:

  • BEST ORGANIC FROZEN YOGURT:  Julie’s Organic Vanilla, it’s sweet and gelato-like with a clean, pure flavor
  • BEST TART FROZEN YOGURT: Double Rainbow Strawberry Tart has that creamy, firm, smooth texture that I look for and it tastes more natural than competitors. It’s a cross between a good strawberry sorbet and strawberry ice cream with a nice tartness.
  • BEST SWEET FROZEN YOGURT: Haagen Dazs Vanilla Honey & Granola is very sweet but also really good. It still has a hint of real yogurt flavor. I love the flavor of the honey and the slightly crunchy granola bits.
  • BEST GREEK FROZEN YOGURT: Ben & Jerry’s has a good smooth texture and real yogurt flavor, plus the add-ins (fudge chunks, graham crackers) are very flavorful
I tried Blue Bunny’s frozen yogurt bars after I provided my picks to Woman’s World. Blue Bunny’s frozen yogurt bars are better than Jamba Juice’s (the product I picked in WW).

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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